Handpiece Service

LightSheer Handpieces Service


All Refurbished Handpieces include:

  • All New Laser Diodes
  • New or Service to LDA Lens
  • New Umbilical Cable
  • New TEC Module and EPI cooling system Service
  • NEW EPI Temp Sensor
  • Fresnel Lens Service
  • New Shells
  • Headroom Guarantee: Minimum of 1.6 ( 70 Bar )  and 1.4 ( 100 Bar )
  • Warranty of 1 Year or 1 Million Pulses

Service Repair Available

Handpiece Repair Service: ( good option if Laser Diodes are Ok but something else needs repair ) You send in your broken and piece to us, and we will provide a written estimate of parts and repair cost and proceed only upon your
approval. Less than 5 day turnaround.

Handpiece Refurbish Program

You send in your Handpiece, and it will be put into their production line where it is completely rebuilt from ground zero. This service is a two day turn around to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Advanced Exchange Program

This is their premium service and provide a new fully refurbished Handpiece to your location in advance of you returning the defective hand piece to them. There is an up charge and deposit until the defective core is returned. It is important to have the core returned quickly so as to not deplete their inventory. The intention of this service is to reduce your service call from 2 visits to 1 and to significantly reduce your customers’ downtime! We can also provide technical support in advance of your service call to help determine if a hand piece replacement will be required. Call for more information about tech support for techs.

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