Parts Support


Components and System Parts Support

Xcite will have an extensive supply of fully refurbished parts at their facility with full warranty. They will provide repair and refurbish services to most parts as well as new parts where needed. Call for competitive pricing on Hand Piece components:

1. LDAs: Laser Diode Arrays – Rebuild your LDA with New diodes and optics
2 . Internal EPI Cooling loop, Pump and TEC
3. Encapsulated EPI Tip
4. Hand piece Shells
5. Umbilical Cord

LightSheer System Parts

They also have a extensive supply of typical service parts, call us today for price and availability.

  • Boards
  • Power supplies
  • Pumps
  • Sensors
  • Displays
  • Other Parts
  • Lumenis Duet Handpiece Service<

We are pleased to offer fully warranted support of your Lumenis Duet handpieces. Xcites facility has invested the expertise and resources required to be able to offer competitive pricing and fully warranted service to your Duet High Speed and 9mm Hand piece.

They provide fast service response and most repairs can be completed within a 2 day period in order to have your clinic or customer back up and running ASAP.

All parts and services are back by their “no hassel” warranty programs, which provide you peace of mind when you choose Xcite Techologies to service your needs.

Lumenis IPL ( Intense Pulse Light )

Competitive rates for Repairs to you IPL head

Quantum and Vasculite Heads

  • Reset the IPL treatment head counter to Zero*
  • Replace the flash lamp and polish the reflector.
  • Replace internal filter.
  • Ambilical cord and casing.
  • New casing on Lumenis IPL hand pieces

For faster service use their Head Exchange Program! Minimize your down times. They ship you a factory fresh refurbished head with as new specs and warranty, after ensuring full functionality you ship us your defective
head. Call or email for pricing and details today.


Warranties are prorated with the first 1000 shots free. Quantum HR head warranty is for 15,000 to 100000 depending on the manufacture and the model of your hand piece

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