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Introduction to Laser Training Course: 3 Days (24 Hours)

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to work as a laser, or IPL technician in medical centres, wellness centres, doctor’s offices, fitness centres, spas, salons, and so on. This 24-hour intense course, taught by experienced laser hair removal practitioners will open the door to clinical aesthetics and the potential for very high income!

Pre-requisite: Aesthetics Diploma, Aesthetics Certificate, Skin Care Certificate, or Electrolysis Diploma. Training and/or work experience as a Laser System Operator, Health Professional, Medical Professional, Aesthetician or Electrologist.

Duration: 24 Hours
Evaluation: Theory, Practical Assessment and Test
Cost: $1,500

This course of study includes, but not limited to:

I. Laser Physics, Laser Safety and Contraindications

A. Laser Physics: What Makes the Laser Work
B. Laser Safety: Treatment Protocol and Proper Eyewear
C. Contraindications: Treatment Precautions in Regard to Laser

Course Objective: To instruct students the importance of laser physics, safety and any contraindications that may arise in a treatment setting. This course must apply first for the safety and welfare of both student and the instructors.

II. Patient Selection, Tissue Interaction, Theoretical and Practical Basis for Laser Hair Removal

A. Patient Selection: Which Patients Will or Will Not Benefit
B. Tissue Interaction: What to Expect on the Skin
C. Theoretical and Practical Basis for Laser Hair Removal: Clinical Aspects

Course Objective: Finding the correct parameters for a patient can be a valuable tool in providing a treatment that is both effective and tolerable. Students will be able to review tissue interaction in relation to the laser treatment, prior to hands-on application.

III. Hair and Skin Analysis, Hair Biology and Growth Cycles, Causes of Excess Hair and Different Types of Hair

A. Hair Analysis: What Type of Hair Will Benefit the Most
B. Skin Analysis: What Type of Skin Will Benefit the Most
C. Hair Biology: History of the Hair
D. Hair Growth Cycles: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen Hair Cycles
E. Causes of Excess Hair: Discovering the Hair Growth Disorders
F. Different Types of Hair: Vellus, Accelerated Vellus and Terminal Hair Types

Course Objective: Finding the correct parameters for a patient. Skin and hair type is a necessity in providing efficacy of the laser. Student will be able to review hair biology and growth cycles and be able to determine what energy level should be used in treating patients, and understand the causes of excessive hair growth.

IV. Laser Parameters, Wavelength, Chromophores, Pulse Duration

A. Laser Parameters: Learning the Intensities of Your Laser
B. Laser Wavelength: The Depth of Penetration Controls Laser Efficacy
C. Laser Chromophores: What Attracts or Repels the Laser Energy/Fluence
D. Pulse Duration: How to Control Treatment Via Pulse Duration

Course Objective: To instruct students the importance determining the proper amounts of energy, laser attraction, depth of penetration and dynamic cooling in respect to the patient's skin and hair type.

V. Patient Consulting, Hair Removal Modalities & FDA Clearance, History of the Laser, Policy / Procedures and M.D. Involvement

A. Patient Consulting: Conducting Effective Patient Consultations
B. Hair Removal Modalities: Different Types of Hair Removal Modalities & FDA Clearance
C. History of the Laser: Introduction to Laser and IPL Modalities
D. Policy and Procedures and M.D. Involvement: Province, State and National Policy Review. Treatment Protocol in the Treatment Room

Course Objective: To educate the participants with proper protocol when working with the physician. Different hair removal modalities including an introduction to different lasers are outlined and explained, as well as insights into patient consulting.

VI. Hair Removal Techniques, Advanced Hands-On Laser Training, Pre/Post Patient Care, Topical Applications and Hands-On Practice, Skin Rejuvenation Techniques 

A. Hair Removal Techniques: A Safe Start Guide Creating Successful Treatments
B. Advanced Hands-On Laser Training
C. Pre/Post Patient Care: Before and After Treatment Guidelines
D. Topical Applications: Prescription Topical Anesthetics Explained
E. Hands-On Practice: Working in Detail with the Patient
F. Skin Rejuvenation Techniques 

Course Objective: Hair removal techniques are outlined and explained as well as hands-on teaching in regard to patient cares, applying topical applications and pre/post patient protocol.

VII. Marketing & Advertising, The Role of an Aesthetic Laser Technician, Laser Equipment - Purchase or Rental, and Insurance

A. Marketing & Advertising: How to Market Laser & how to Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Dollars
B. The Role of an Aesthetic Laser Technician: Provide Quality Treatment Regime Involving Laser Hair Removal Procedures
C. Laser Equipment - Purchase or Rental: Laser Equipment profiles and Companies
D. Insurance: Laser Equipment and Insurance

Course Objective: Sharing documented success in marketing and advertising, role of the laser technician, laser equipment and their companies, purchase or rental options and an outline regarding insurance.


Includes: study guides, work sheets, tests, consultation book, necessities and Laser Spa Group workbook/manual.

1. Full tuition for the 3 day (24 hour) Laser Training Course is $1,500 plus HST.

Course Schedule

Program classes will begin every other week from January through December. Laser Spa Group only allows a maximum of 4-8 students per class, making the student to teacher ratio 8 to 1. Depending on the prior education and experience of the applicant, the allotted time for completion of each program is as follows:

24 hour Laser Training Course - 3 days full-time from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Laser Spa Group Training will be closed: New Year's Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day. Laser Spa Group recognizes all Religious and Ethnic Holidays.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $500 is required with the application contract. If you are accepted to attend the training program, the registration fee will then be applied toward tuition. This fee also covers the cost of textbooks and materials required. A full refund will be made to those not accepted.


Advance registration is imperative. Late registrations are not encouraged. Please apply for enrollment one month prior to start date by submitting a completed Application. The remaining monies due for training must arrive at the facility 2 weeks prior arrival date. The application contract and $500 registration fee can be submitted by any of these 4 convenient methods.

a. Register by mail: (Laser Spa Group, 36 Hess Street South Suite 202, Hamilton, ON L8P 3N1)
b. Registration by E-mail:
c. Register by telephone with a major credit card: 905-393-SKIN (7546)
d. Register in person. Make an appointment with the office at (Laser Spa Group, 36 Hess Street South Suite 202, Hamilton, ON L8P 3N1)

Visa, Interac, MasterCard, Certified Cheques, Cash, and American Express accepted.

Upon receipt of the contract, Laser Spa Group administrators will review the application and arrive to a decision to accept the applicant. All applicants will be notified promptly in writing of their standing. All those accepted are invited to visit laser Spa Group with a tour of the facility and meet the faculty and administrative staff. Laser Spa Group encourages prospective or of Province students to visit the facility if possible.

Attendance Policies & School Procedures

1.School hours are from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Each student must attend promptly for all sessions, unless excused. The instructor must be notified of any intended absences.

2. Each student must mark his/her time card on arrival and departure.

3. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Excused absences will be accepted.

4. All students must wear appropriate attire. Students not appropriately attired will not be permitted to work upon models. White smocks are suggested and loaned to students upon request.

5. Incoming calls are permitted only in the case of an emergency.

6. No smoking is permitted on the premises.

7. The study of Laser requires diligent and exacting application of a student to his/her work. This can best be done in harmonious surroundings. Any student, who by gossip or action causes discord among his/her fellow students may be subject to dismissal.

8. Everyone will be graded on hygiene. The potential professional must realize that they will be interfacing with models daily, and should be concerned with employing good hygiene.

9. Persistent violation of these rules will be considered sufficient grounds for permanent dismissal without redress. The right to expel a student for violation of our rules is therefore reserved by Laser Spa Group

10. Any deviation from an unacceptable behavior, such as cheating, stealing, vandalism, or use of abusive language, will subject the student to termination. Lockers and locks are available upon request, at no charge to the student.

Laser Spa Group reserves the right to change these rules at any time. All such changes will be posted. The method of determining the official date of termination is based on management decision (absolute relevance). Upon enrollment, the students have embarked on a professional career and are asked to conduct themselves accordingly.

Withdrawal, Re-Admittance & Probation Policy

Students wishing to cancel the Laser Training Application Contract are requested to inform Laser Spa Group in writing. Note of cancellation must phoned into us before 30 days from receipt of cancellation notice. Please refer to Refund Policy heading.

1. If a student is terminated because of a violation of the attendance policies and/or procedures, there will not be a re-admittance and a refund will be accordance to the Laser Spa Group refund policy.

2. Laser Spa Group does not have a probation policy at this particular time.

Examination & Grading Standards

Letter graded reports will be based on the students' examination results, classroom participation, laboratory skills, attendance and appearance. Students are notified of their writing after the final testing period. A course with a failing grade of (F) must be repeated.

Letter Grade


Numerical Grade











Below Average






Student will receive certificate upon completion as "Laser Technician" upon completion of:

1. A student must have a passing grade in each course of instruction.

2. The student must have completed the required hours of instruction.

3. The student must be free of all indebtedness to Laser Spa Group.

Placement Assistance

Laser Spa Group assists its students in locating employment opportunities, and offers advice on being a working professional Laser Technician and on starting a business. Laser Spa Group does not guarantee job placement.

Refund Policy

Student Complaints: Student complaints should be brought to the attention of the spa administrator in order to be resolved.

Laser Spa Group's refund policy, if any, will be made within 30 days of the date of cancellation. Monies paid for personal books and equipment is non-refundable. If you wish to terminate the Laser Training Enrollment Agreement, you are requested to inform Laser Spa Group in writing of your termination. Notice of cancellation must be mailed to: (Laser Spa Group, 36 Hess Street South Suite 202, Hamilton, ON L8P 3N1).

1. A full refund of all monies paid if the school does not accept the applicant.

2. A full refund of tuition and fees paid in the event that the clinic discontinues a course or program of education during a period of time within which a student could have reasonably completed the same. This provision shall not apply if the clinic ceases operation.

3. A full refund of tuition and fees paid if the applicant withdraws within 3 days after signing the contract or making an initial payment provided that the applicant has not commenced training. After the 3 days there is a $250 cancellation fee.

4. That except for retention of a cancellation charge not to exceed $150 or 25% of the contract price, whichever is less, the policy for cancellation, settlement, and refund of tuition and fees provides for at least the following:

a) For a student terminating his/her training within the first 10% of his/her program, the student shall be entitled to a refund of 90% of the contract price of the program exclusive of books, tools and supplies.
b) For a student terminating his/her training after 10% but within the first 25% of his/her program, the student shall be entitled to a refund of 75% of the contract price of the program exclusive of books, tools and supplies.
c) For a student terminating his/her training after 25% but within the first 50% of his/her program, the student shall be entitled to a refund of 50% of the contract price of the program exclusive of books, tools and supplies.
d) For a student terminating his/her training after 50% but within the first 75% of his/her program, the student shall be entitled to a refund of 25% of the contract price of the program exclusive of books, tools and supplies
e) A student who has completed 75% of his/her program and has entered the final 25% shall not be entitled to any refund and shall be obligated for the full price of the program, which constitutes the maximum obligation.

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