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How much money can I make as a Laser Technician?

In this booming and ever-changing industry there are new and exciting technologies coming out every year. The more well-rounded that you are in your skill set, the more attractive you are in the marketplace. Remember that though laser hair removal is the most sought after procedure, if your prospective employer knows you are proficient in photo facials, wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal etc. you are a far more valuable employee, thus your potential for salary will be so much higher.

A few examples of different pay structures we see in the industry:

Working for a medical spa, day spa or physician's office?

These are possible scenarios that we commonly see:

  • The first and most common is a 'blend' of an hourly rate plus a commission. We have seen the hourly rates range from $15 per hour to $25 per hour and in addition pay a commission ranging from 10%-25%.
  • The second one is a commission only rate which could range from as low as 20% to as high as 40%.
  • The third is negotiating a fixed hourly rate.

So now ask yourself; "Well this is great, but what does that mean to me on a dollars and cents basis?"

Assumptions to determine your earning power:

  • Average hour of laser hair removal is $150+
  • Average hour of IPL photo facial is about $350.
  • If in an 8 hour day you did 5 'laser' hours and 3 photo facial hours - based on above rates your 'revenue' for that day would be 5x150=(750) + 3x350=(1,050) = $1,800 per day
  • If your 'rate' was a fixed 25% commission with no base salary you would make $1,800 x 25% or $450 per day x 5 days a week = $2250 x 4.2 weeks = $9450 per month or $113,400 a year.
  • If your 'rate' was $15 per hour plus 10% commission you would make $1,800 x 10% = $180 per day + $15 per hour x 8 hours = $120 for a total of $300 per day x 5 days a week = 1,500 x 4.2 weeks = $6,300 per month or $75,600 a year.

Self employed scenario:

If one is a little more entrepreneurial spirited and chooses to either open their own location or rent a room in someone else's location or negotiate a partnership deal with a physician.

  • If you choose to open your own business, there are medical spas across the country doing anything up to a million dollars in gross revenues, but of course their bottom line is a function of what their overhead is.
  • Of one rents a room at a hair salon, spa or doctor's office, they will be able to have the same upside as #1 above and actually much less overhead, which is a good option to consider.

New Global Aesthetic Market Study (August 2006 Aesthetic Buyers Guide) Stated that last year over 30 million hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tattoo and other laser and IPL based treatments were performed. These earned more than 8.5 billion dollars for practitioners. The Aesthetic Buyers Guide stated that by 2010 this will grow to over 90 million treatments annually and $15.2 billion in revenues.

Aesthetic Laser Training is for people who enjoy:

  • helping people
  • working with state of the art laser equipment
  • building one-on-one relationships
  • expanding their skills
  • advanced laser protocol techniques
  • increasing their professional status

Individuals who seek Aesthetic Laser Training include:

  • Cosmetologists
  • Aestheticians
  • Electrologists
  • Skin Care Specialists
  • Makeup Artists
  • Other Laser System Operators
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Medical Assistants
  • Or anyone seeking an exciting and rewarding career change

As a Laser Technician, you will treat conditions like:

  • unwanted hair
  • scarring
  • age spots
  • broken capillaries
  • sun damage
  • acne
  • wrinkles
  • rosacea
  • cellulite
  • unwanted tattoos
  • skin tags
  • tired, aging skin
  • spider veins
  • psoriasis
  • and more

What if you could go to school for a total of 1 week and be able to immediately start a new career that you were passionate about? Not only is it possible, it is right in front of you. Laser Spa Group want to be your stepping stone to a new exciting career in the medical spa field.

One of the great things about the world of laser in the medical aesthetics industry is that in Canada and the majority of the states in the U.S. you do not need any laser or aesthetics background to operate a laser. The only states that currently have a requirement for some past experience, or a Nursing background is Florida, California and New Jersey.

Why might I consider a career change into the Medical Aesthetics Laser Industry?

  • Exploding marketplace
  • Make more money
  • Industry you can be passionate about
  • Customers that are always happy
  • Always new technologies to learn

With the ever increasing popularity of laser hair removal, the ability to offer unsurpassed results to the greatest variety of patients and clients is crucial. New products have led the way in making effective hair removal a mainstay of leading aesthetic practices. According to the study led by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the top five non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2012 were:


The top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in 2012 were:

  • #1 - Botulinum Toxin Type A (3,257,913 procedures)
  • #2 - Hyaluronic acid (Fillers) (1,423,705 procedures)
  • #3 - Laser hair removal (883,893 procedures)
  • #4 - Microdermabrasion (498,821 procedures)
  • #5 - Chemical peel (443,824 procedures).
  • Americans spent almost $11 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2012.
  • Of that total $6.7 billion was spent on surgical procedures;
  • $2 billion was spent on injectables procedures;
  • $1.8 billion was spent on skin rejuvenation procedures;
  • over $483 million was spent on other nonsurgical procedures, including laser hair removal and laser treatment of leg veins.
  • People age 35-50 had the most procedures – over 4 million and 43% of the total. People age 51-64 had 29%; age 19-34 had 19% of procedures; age 65 and over had 8 %; and age 18 and younger had 1%.
  • Since 1997, there has been almost a 250% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures. Surgical procedures increased by more than 80%, and nonsurgical procedures increased by 461%.
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