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Good Things Come In Small Packages

Discover the PURE by EndyMed, powered by our FDA cleared, patented 3DEEP® RF technology. The PURE by EndyMed offers professional grade Fractional Skin Resurfacing and superior facial and upper body tightening and body contouring treatments all on one easy to use, compact platform.

The Pure by EndyMed is available with the following 3DEEP Treatment handpieces for your rental:

3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing Handpiece


Specially designed for fractional skin resurfacing and treatment of skin roughness, deep wrinkles and scars on both facial and body areas.

3DEEP iFine Handpiece


Specially designed for the treatment of wrinkles and lax skin on delicate skin tissue around the eyes and mouth.

3DEEP Large Handpiece


Specifically designed for treatment of larger body areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, for treating skin laxity, cellulite, body shaping and circumference reduction

3DEEP Small Handpiece


Designed to treat wrinkles and lax skin on the face, neck and upper body.


Tangible Benefits, Visible Results

3DEEP® Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR) will help your skin to look and feel younger. It helps to combat the signs of aging and sun damaged skin by:

  • improving skin textural irregularities, tone and  tightening sagging skin
  • softening fine  lines and wrinkles
  • increasing new collagen production
  • reduction in skin laxity
  • smoother body contour
  • imporved appearance
  • minimizing enlarged pores
  • reducing brown spots or blotchy skin coloring  (hyperpigmentation)
  • diminishing various kinds of scars including acne or chicken pox scarring
  • reducing the depth of stretch marks


What about Insurance coverage?

As an Aesthetic Professional, you are responsible for obtaining your own insurance policies regarding any treatments that are administered in your establishment. Each party is responsible for its own acts and omissions in regards to third parties. Every spa must carry their own liability insurance in case their technician injures a client during a treatment involving the rented laser system. If the renter wishes to use its own technician to administer treatments, then it is the responsibility of the renter to ensure their technician has insurance coverage. The renter is still responsible to notify their Insurance agency that the laser hair removal service is being performed in their establishment, regardless of liability insurance for the technician. Certificate of Insurance will be required from the facility. Without this certification of validation, the laser system will not be delivered thus rendering the contract void. Please contact your current Insurance provider.

We recommend you contact Peter Krizanac at Acumen Insurance Group for competitive rates for your Insurance at 905.574.7000

What is the cost of the daily rental?

The one-day rental of the LightSheer Diode Laser System is $500.00 plus HST. This daily option includes the following:

  • Transportation costs involved in the pickup and delivery of the laser system.
  • Two safety eyewear goggles and one metal facial eyewear goggle.

The one-day rental of the Sciton Broad Band Light System (BBL)  is $500.00 plus HST. This daily option includes the following:

  • Transportation costs involved in the pickup and delivery of the laser system.
  • Two safety eyewear goggles and one metal facial eyewear goggle.

The one-day rental of the EndyMed 3Deep  is $500.00 plus HST. This daily option includes the following:

  • Transportation costs involved in the pickup and delivery of the system.

A copy of a Laser Certificate to perform laser services is required by the renter prior to our approval. We provide laser hair removal training and is available if needed.

*Ask us about multi-laser rentals for discounts as well*

We will also offer a discount on consecutive days' rental as follows:
If two consecutive days are required, then the following days' rental will be $400. Totalling $900 for a two-day consecutive rental. If three consecutive days are required, then the third consecutive days' rental will be $300. Totalling $1200 for a three-day consecutive rental. If four consecutive days are required, then the fourth consecutive days' rental will be $200. Totalling $1400 for a four-day consecutive rental. If 5 days are required, then the fifth consecutive days' rental will be $100. Totalling $1500 for a five-day consecutive rental. We will add $100 for each consecutive day thereafter if the Laser is available ONLY.

Cosmetic lasers are expensive and seem to be in a constant state of flux. Our inventory is constantly being updated to provide you and your patients the latest in laser technology.

Laser Spa Group relieves you of the long term financial commitment of equipment ownership, and relieves you of the hidden costs associated with consumables, upgrades, and maintenance.

Equipment obsolescence and depreciation is no longer a concern. Laser Spa Group assumes all the equipment risk. Repair costs, service contracts, and maintenance issues disappear. Service technicians continually service and maintain the lasers so you have no down-time and pay no additional costs.

Our Laser Rental program allows you to evaluate and determine what laser aesthetics are in demand, financially rewarding, and personally satisfying before purchasing. The risk of under-utilization is removed. Laser Spa Group offers affordable and flexible rental options.

Serving Southern Ontario, Laser Spa Group provides affordable and flexible laser rental services to medical and spa professionals.

Cosmetic lasers can be scheduled for:

  • Half-Day Rental(s)
  • Full Day Rental(s)
  • Weekly Rental(s)
  • Weekend Rental(s)
  • Laser Spa Group does not require long term contracts to rent a cosmetic laser, and does not have any hidden costs linked to the rental fees.
  • Clinical training and customized in-services will be offered to the laser renter, as well as treatment brochures, price guidelines, consent forms, procedural videos and treatment protocols.

Laser Rental FAQs

What type of laser do you offer?
We offer the rental of the LightSheer Diode laser, the industry gold standard in laser hair reduction and FDA cleared for all skin types, including tanned skin. It is the world's leading hair removal laser on the market today.
We also offer The Sciton Broadband Light System (BBL) – also known as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)  It is one of the most powerful aesthetic laser and light based systems in the world.

The BBL has seven different filters for multiple wavelength bands (400-1400nm) and four different spot sizes, that can be customized to treat the widest range of clinical conditions, sometimes simultaneously too. You may have heard of Intense Pulsed Light treatments, or the generic treatment names -- PhotoFacial or PhotoRejuvenation. The BBL covers all of these categories, so it treats a wide variety of issues from unsightly vascular lesions to brown spots and wrinkles.

We offer the EndyMed 3Deep for Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Skin and Body Tightening. EndyMed’s unique 3DEEP® technology signifies a new era in anti-wrinkle and skin tightening technology. It is clinically proven to deliver tighter, firmer, lifted skin, safely and effectively with little to no downtime.

The novel 3DEEP® technology for FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) implements the interaction of multiple RF sources for controlled delivery of energy to the stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis. At the same time, the tiny (300 micron) electrodes deliver just enough energy to achieve the desired degree of ablation. The array is composed of more than 100 electrodes creating a micro-fractional mesh of ablation dots for minimal downtime and rapid recovery.

Do you require a rental contract?
We do require contracts for laser rentals. We offer flexible rates in which the laser can be rented on a daily basis. We also offer short-term contracts for start-up or budget minded spas or clinics.

Do You Offer Laser Training?
Our 3 Laser Training Courses - 4 day (24 hours) Laser Training Course and our 2 day (12 Hours) Advanced Laser Training Course and 5 Day Laser Fundamentals  will give an introduction and overview of how Lasers and IPLs work, including the physics of Lasers and IPLs. We will discuss the most commonly used dermatologic Lasers and their parameters. An overview of skin and hair, parameters for permanent hair reduction will also be discussed and presented. The lecture will include Laser skin interaction, skin typing, operational and treatment safety measures including ANSI, and the Laser Safety Officer. We will discuss the management and treatment of adverse events. We will discuss the benefits, expected results and outcomes, and available alternative treatments. Focus on patient consultation, selection and education, contraindications and precautions, safety and efficacy issues, as well as hands-on practical experience.
To learn more about our Laser Training click here: http://www.laserspagroup.com/company-laser-hair-removal-training.php

To learn more about EndyMed 3Deep treatments click here: http://www.laserspagroup.com/endymed-3deep-skin-tightening-face-body.php

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