Hand & Foot TreatmentsHand & Foot Treatments

We use Deborah Lippmann, and Dermalogica products for your manicures and pedicure treatments.

This A-List Celebrity manicurist has created shades that are chic, long-wearing and easy to apply. Shades contain Okoume (a natural nail strengthener from a tree in Africa), Biotin (a cell regenerator) and Green Tea. Contains no formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate.


Treat yourself to a professional manicure that leaves your hands and nails smooth, healthy and well-groomed. This service includes nail shaping, cuticle work, hand massage & polish.

Manicure (45 min) $25

Spa Manicure

Same treatment as above but also includes our AGE smart hand repair. Exfoliation, hot aromatic towels and paraffin treatment.

Spa Manicure (60 min) $65



Shellac Manicure

Not a fan of regular manicures, but don’t want to ruin your nails with acrylics or gel nails? Try Shellac Manicures. You might be saying Shellac, hmm what is this exactly? Shellac is a cross between gel nails and traditional nail polish.  It gets applied like regular nail polish, but dries like a gel. Shellac gives your manicure a little more stability than the usual manicure, allowing it to last longer.

Shellac manicures take slightly more time because after each coat you have to put your hand under UV light. You are not getting as much UV light as you do with gels or acrylics. It is totally worth the few extra minutes, because immediately after you take your hand out of the UV light for the last time, your manicure is completely dry, no smudges! What a miracle; go about your regular business immediately after getting this manicure.

Shellac Manicure (60 min) $40


Pedicures have many health benefits including increased circulation, soft and supple skin and early detection of nail disease. Whether you’re a high-heeled diva, a running addict, always on-the-go or simply going about your daily activities, you are spending a considerable amount of time on your feet.

Women tend to be on their feet more than men. In fact, over 80% of foot problems occur in women. Once viewed as luxurious, pedicures are fast becoming a maintenance routine for both men and women. Regular pedicures and proper at home foot care are essential for healthy feet.

Sure a pedicure can make you look superb below the ankles – but if you think it’s just a self indulgent treat check out these facts from The American Podiatric Medical Association: The 8,000 plus steps you take each day exert up to 127,000 pounds of pressure on your poor tootsies – so go ahead treat those feet!

Indulge by treating yourself to our aromatic footbath, followed by nail shaping, cuticle work, callous removal, foot massage and polish.

Pedicure (60 min) $50

Spa Pedicure

Same treatment as above but also includes foot exfoliation, hot aromatic towels and paraffin treatment.

Spa Pedicure (75 min) $70

Did You Know? The foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles – ¼ of ALL the bones in the human body are down in your feet. We think they deserve your attention. The average person takes 8,000 steps a day, which adds up to about 115,000 miles over a lifetime. That’s enough to go around the circumference of the earth four times. There are 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet. Sweat glands in the GENERAL HEALTH.

Teen (13-19 years)

Manicure $20
Pedicure $42


Please allow 15 min to service duration

French Polish $5
Paraffin Treatment $20

A soothing treatment to hydrate, improve circulation, reduce stress and detoxify. Also promotes relief from arthritis and aching joints. Your skin will feel silky smooth.

Polish Change

Includes nail filing & polish application

Polish Change Hands or Feet $15
French Polish Change Hands or Feet $20
Shellac Polish Change $30

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