Laser Fundamentals 5 Day Course - 30 Hours

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Laser Spa Group programs offer unparalleled education and provide you with the knowledge, professionalism and confidence you need to pursue a rewarding career in a cosmetic medical setting. Laser Spa Group also offers extensive live hands-on learning with valuable business building and career guidance.

10:00am – 4:00pm Daily

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Day 1 – Theory/Didactic and Demos
  • Laser Light-Lingo
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Laser Physics
  • Key Terms to Understand; Wavelength, Fluence (energy), Pulse Duration, Thermal Relaxation
  • Time, Hertz, Cooling
  • Laser versus Light Therapy
  • Laser Parameters
  • Chromophores; Melanin, Hemoglobin and Water
  • Hair Growth Cycles
  • Hair and Skin Analysis
  • Absorption Spectrum
  • Selective Photothermolysis
  • Fitzpatrick Skin Typing
  • Initial Consultation
  • Medical History
  • Photosensitizing Medications
  • Pre-Treatment Considerations
  • Complications With Various Machines
  • Consent
  • Photographs
  • Treatment Records
  • Patient Contraindications
  • Patient Selection
  • Pre and Post Laser Care
  • Tissue Interaction
  • Immediate Post-Treatment Care
  • Enhancing and Maintaining Results
  • Laser and Light Therapy Procedures
  • Machine Parts and Maintenance
  • Laser Safety Guidelines
  • Minimizing Hazards
  • Classification of Lasers
  • Laser Safety Eyewear
  • Insurance
  • Laser Equipment – Purchase or Rental
  • Cosmetic Laser Indications – Overview of: Permanent Hair Reduction, Acne Vulgaris,
  • Photorejuvenation, Vascular Lesions; (Rosacea, Telangiectasia, Broken Capillaries,
  • Hemangionas, Poikiloderma), Dermal Pigmented Lesions; (Hyperpigmentation, Age Spots, Sun Damage, Melasma), Aging Skin, Skin Tightening
  • Laser and Light Therapy Procedures
  • Demos: Sciton BBLs, and LightSheer Diode Lasers
  • Selecting Treatment Settings
Days 2-5 Hands-On Treatments
  • Hands-On Laser Hair Removal
  • Hands-On BBL Hair Removal
  • Hands-On Photorejuvenation;
  • Hands-On Vascular Lesions
  • Hands-On Dermal Pigmented Lesions
  • Hands-On Acne
  • Hands-On Skin Tightening

This industry we participate in is highly skilled and professional, however we believe to ensure good and safe client care for cosmetic light treatments (i.e. hair removal and skin rejuvenation) we need to have in place minimum professional standards of practice.

This course gives a solid grounding in the understanding of laser light and intense pulse light, how it works, an overview of skin and hair anatomy and physiology, best practice, thorough documentation, safety, recognizing potential hazards and an overview of the different technology available.

Delegates will be offered ongoing education and support from our company. If delegates choose to reach our certification standard, then this course is the first step in achieving this

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Laser Spa Group Courses are held at the Ontario College of Health and Technologies located at 1040 South Service Road, Stoney Creek ON. L8E 6G3

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