enVy The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow with Therapeutic Neck Support Pillow
The enVy® Pillow

“You look tired” – the three words none of us like to hear! When we are not well-rested it shows. A good night’s sleep is also incredibly important to our overall health and well-being. A number of factors contribute to a great sleep and we have found one of them.

Introducing enVy®: the pillow that puts the ‘beauty’ in ‘beauty sleep’. While offering therapeutic neck support, it also prevents wrinkles and sleep lines. Over time, facial wrinkles can form from the way we sleep with our face against our pillow; the opposite of beauty sleep.


  1. Ergonomic and chiropractic support

Offering unparalleled neck, head and shoulder support, the enVy® pillow is excellent for those suffering from TMJ or those wearing orthodontic appliances.

  1. Anti-aging/sleep wrinkle prevention

Designed to keep you off your face during sleep, while offering adequate neck support and comfort, sleep lines and wrinkles are kept at bay.

  1. Sleep quality and comfort

Using LuxFeel memory foam for superior comfort, regardless of temperature, the enVy® pillow is excellent for post-treatment recovery as it prevents you from rolling onto your face while maintaining a comfortable head and neck position.

Check out The enVy Pillow on the Steven and Chris Show:

enVy the sleep wrinkle pillow and neck support pillow



  1. The sweet spot. A raised centre with ventilation offers optimal neck support.
  2. The support. With a “stepping stone” option, neck support height can be adjusted simply by turning the pillow over.
  3. The shape. Sloped sides cradle and tilt your head to hold you in the optimal sleeping position, maintaining ideal neck support and alignment.

Dr Julias Few discusses the benefits of the ENVY Pillow in this video:

What is So Special about Mulberry Silk?
  • Mulberry silk is composed by a rare species of silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves and is the softest silk with a shiny appearance on both sides.
  • It is extremely strong natural, odorless, hypoallergenic and extremely breathable fabric allowing air to move through the fabric which means new oxygen is passing by your skin throughout the night.
  • Unlike cotton and other materials, mulberry silk does not absorb moisture which means your skin’s natural oils and applied moisturizes stay on your face allowing them to do their intended job.
  • The amino acids present in the material have been medically acclaimed as beneficial properties that improve health of the consumer. It offers a calming effect and improves hair conditions and delays the onset of winkles.
  • Mulberry silk acts as a natural bed bug repellant because the natural fabric structure is very smooth so bed bugs are not able to stick on it.
Soon after launching the enVy pillow they discovered that people were buying it for vanity but loving it for it’s improvement in their quality of life. It was helping with:
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Jaw pain
  • TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) pain
  • Pins and needles, numbness
  • CPAP machine discomfort
  • Poor sleep, insomnia, restlessness
  • fibromyalgia

The enVy® pillow is Canadian-made, comes with a luxurious silk pillowcase and is also available in travel size. Beauty sleep just got more beautiful; get your enVy® pillow today.

Check out this video on the truth about sleep wrinkles: https://youtu.be/QWFTOnE14HI

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