Liquid Smile

The Next Best Thing to Having Your Dentist Whiten Your Teeth in Your Own Home

Developed by dentists, and sold only by dental and medical professionals, Liquid Smile was designed to help you achieve a lasting whiter smile in the comfort of your own home.


The most important elements in tooth whitening are: A strong dose of hydrogen peroxide, no sensitivity, and patient compliance. Liquid Smile's unique formulation, applicator, and common sense approach to whitening, will give you the best results -- painlessly!

Just one application per night, for two weeks, and you will experience dramatic whitening.
Liquid Smile's soft brush allows for precise and even distribution of the gel over each tooth surface. The sleek design also enables the patient to target a specific tooth that is not responding as well as the others. And it is so easy to apply! Simply twist the dial clockwise until the pen dispenses the gel into the brush,then paint it on.
Liquid Smile has redefined the art and science of tooth whitening.


As you see your smile become whiter during the process, you will look forward to your next application. Whitening should be something you look forward to, not something you are afraid of. Liquid Smile is so simple to use. You paint it directly on your teeth after brushing, smile wide (keeping your lips apart for 30 seconds to allow the gel to dry), and then to go to bed. Sleep Comfortably with no irritation from gum or tooth sensitivity and resume your normal daily routine when you wake up. Designed by one of the original Brite Smile dentists, who trained thousands of dentists on that procedure and performed thousands of Brite Smile treatments, Liquid Smile is the technical whitening advancement that consumers have been longing for. Liquid Smile's professional developers did the research to ensure the product fits into your lifestyle. Liquid Smile creates an enjoyable whitening experience.

At night, before bed, brush and floss your teeth. Dry with a tissue and smile wide. Paint a thin layer on the front of each tooth surface in your smile region. Keep a wide smile for 30 seconds so the gel will dry on your teeth, then relax your lips and go to sleep!

Liquid Smile fits into your evening brushing and bedtime routine. It takes about a minute to apply, and you can go to bed without rinsing.

Food and beverages will cause staining with any whitening procedure. Hot and cold can also affect sensitivity. This is why we recommend bedtime applications, so that you comfortably avoid ingesting such teeth-staining products as coffee, tea, red wine, berries, tobacco, etc. immediately after your whitening procedure.
Whiten at night, when saliva flow decreases and the gel will stay on your teeth longer. This allows the gel to work at full concentration and bubble away stain faster. Use once per night until finished (usually about 14 days).
It is not necessary to rinse. However if you must, wait 15 minutes, then rinse after the gel has finished its powerful whitening action. Most people start to see results after several applications, some see immediate results after the very first night.
Liquid Smile Eliminates Sensitivity Issues


The Liquid Smile approach to pain-free whitening is simple: A powerful dose of hydrogen peroxide - but not excessive.

Short exposure (or contact time with your teeth) because hydrogen peroxide is active for only 15 minutes. Applied nightly, when you go to sleep means you won't be subjecting your teeth to extreme hot and/or cold products. Applied once per day allows your teeth and gums to recover from treatment before the next night's application of gel.

Liquid Smile's 12% hydrogen peroxide formula provides patients with the high dosage needed to effectively whiten teeth, yet by following the directions on single bed-time applications, sensitivity is virtually non-existent.

Pain from whitening procedures is a direct result of dosage and exposure. During the research and development of Liquid Smile, particular attention was paid to creating the right dosage of hydrogen peroxide -- powerful enough to ensure professional whitening without generating sensitivity.

Liquid Smile’s common sense approach to whitening also reduces exposure time. Most in-office and take-home tray systems require an hour or more of exposure. Liquid Smile’s single daily dosage reduces exposure time to hydrogen peroxide to just 15 minutes. There are no uncomfortable trays which can also cause gum sensitivity.
Lights used in whitening DO NOT WHITEN teeth. The gel does. Lights dehydrate teeth which give exaggerated initial results and cause sensitivity. Liquid Smile eliminates these problems.

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