Bozana’s Book ‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Successful’

Don’t Get Mad, Get Successful

This is not your average ‘self-help’ book. I’m hoping to share some of the lessons I have learned throughout my life. Some of these lessons may seem like common sense, but the process of discovering the truths that lie behind them has been far from straightforward or clear-cut. Writing this book has itself been part of the learning process, and there are many lessons left to be learned. I hope that in sharing my experiences with a wider audience, I can help people to avoid making some of the mistakes I made and find a clearer path to self-fulfillment and happiness.

It seems to me that people nowadays give up much too easily; they stumble and falter at the first hurdle, giving up before they have given themselves a real chance to get started. It is one of life’s oldest lessons – you will get a few knocks along the way; it is how we learn. But the thing that really sets successful people apart is that they take these blows on the chin and keep on going. If I had been knocked down by circumstance or misfortune, I get right back up on my feet and try to find a new way of meeting the challenge. I was never one of those people who stay down when they meet adversity, and neither are you.

Hopefully, this book will inspire you to get out, change something, go after something, or at the very least give you hope that if you are proactive in your life, things will change.

Most people want logical answers and guarantees. They want to know that they’ll get to realize their dreams. And I do, too, but those guarantees do not exist out there. Those guarantees exist within you. You are your own guarantee. When you learn to trust in yourself, you will quickly learn and naturally be led where you need to be. And sometimes it won’t be pleasant, but as the Dalai Lama says: “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

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You can purchase your copy at any bookstore (Chapters or Indigo), Amazon, Google Digital/Audio downloadable program March 2013, or we will have them readily available at the spa this fall, 2012.

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