Broken Capillaries

Broken Capillaries

Broken blood vessels on the face are enlarged blood vessels that occur just beneath the surface of the skin. The resulting red, web-shaped appearance gives them their common name, spider veins. Spider veins are commonly found on the face or legs, though they may appear anywhere on the body. Other than their appearance, spider veins do not cause any other symptoms

Broken blood vessels on the face can develop in anyone at any age, but some people may have a higher chance of developing them than others.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Genes: People whose family members experience spider veins are more likely to have them, too.
  • Sun exposure: Sun damage can enlarge the blood vessels and draw them closer to the skin.
  • Changes in weather: Drastic changes in the weather may affect the circulation in the body, causing the skin in the face to flush. The blood vessels may burst, causing a spider vein.
  • Changes in pressure: Sudden, extreme changes in pressure may cause small broken blood vessels to appear. An exceptionally hard sneeze or vomiting can cause this change in pressure.
  • Pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy may also cause broken blood vessels. Pregnancy-related spider veins usually disappear after giving birth.
  • Environmental irritants: Exposure to certain chemicals or environmental pollutants may damage the skin and make blood vessels more visible.
  • Rosacea: This is a common condition that causes the skin to become flushed and red due to enlarged veins. People with rosacea often experience spider veins.
  • Alcohol consumption: Alcohol can dilate the blood vessels temporarily. Frequent alcohol consumption may lead to longer-lasting broken blood vessels and redness on the face.
  • Injuries: Head injuries that cause bruising may also cause broken blood vessels. In this case, the blood vessels will often heal as the bruise does
  • Avoid extreme heat: Very high temperatures from spas, saunas, or hot weather may dilate the blood vessels and increase the chances of spider veins appearing.
  • Limit sun exposure: Wearing sunscreen, a hat, and long layers of clothing can help reduce the chances of spider veins from sun damage. It may also help to avoid the sun during peak hours in the middle of the day if living in a hot area.
  • Wear protection: Protective gear may help avoid spider veins caused by injury. Examples include facemasks and helmets for baseball, cycling, or riding a motorcycle.
  • Avoid vasodilators: Vasodilators cause vessels to fill with blood and may make spider veins more noticeable. Common vasodilators include caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol. Even moderate alcohol drinking can cause redness and broken blood vessels in some people.

Unfortunately, seeing as it is damage to the capillaries directly beneath the surface of the skin, topical skincare won’t actually get rid of broken capillaries. Using soothing, anti-redness products can help to bring down the intensity of the redness, but it is more of a short term solution. Photo Corrective gel and Phyto Corrective Mask and Redness Neutralizer is great for bringing down redness.  The main treatment we offer for broken capillaries on the face is BBL. If you are looking for spider vein removal on the legs, then laser treatment would be the solution. More on spider veins here: Spider Veins and LightSheer Laser Vein Removal

BBL works to dissolve the capillary via heat, which sounds painful, but mostly, it would be considered mildly uncomfortable.  BBL can take about 30 minutes and for the most part, you just need to allow the area to cool down and you can go straight back to your normal life. For a few days to a week, the broken blood vessel or capillary will actually be darker, but you can safely cover it with mineral makeup until it is completely gone.

It’s also possible that you’ll see some temporary swelling or redness (edema and erythema, in technical terms).  More on BBL Photorejuvenation here BBL Photorejuvenation

Another option to help clear broken capillaries is ThermoClear. Treating skin irregularities has never been easier!  We can remove unwanted capillaries and cherry angiomas with the power of radio frequency and ThermoClear RF.  The advantages are minimal scabbing, treatment only on skin imperfection, quick treatment lasting only a few seconds and minimal discomfort.


Vitamin C is to collagen as water is to plants – our body needs vitamin C to produce collagen, and collagen is what keeps our blood vessels strong, healthy and resistant to stretching and collapse. Extreme heat, extreme wind, sunburn, change in weather conditions, exercise and having a few tipples are notorious culprits for broken capillaries, because they cause dilation and contraction of the blood vessels, leading to them become weaker. We carry Vitamin C products that can be incorporated in your skin care routine


In some cases, home remedies may help prevent or reduce the appearance of broken blood vessels on the face.

Home remedies are usually safe and do not cause any side effects, but it is a good idea to test new products on a small patch of skin 24 hours in advance of doing a full facial treatment to rule out any adverse reactions.

It is best to discuss home remedies with a doctor when taking medication, or undergoing medical treatments.

Avoiding using hot water

The face is delicate, and excess heat may lead to broken blood vessels. It is essential to avoid using hot water when washing the face.

Using cold or warm water to wash the body and face may help avoid damage to the blood vessels.

Cold compress

A simple cold compress, such as an ice pack or bag of frozen peas, can be applied to the face after sun or heat exposure. The cold may help reduce the appearance of burst blood vessels in the face.

Arnica oil

Arnica oil or products containing arnica may help reduce the appearance of spider veins. The oil may cause an allergic reaction in some people, so it is important to test it out on a small patch of skin first and report any side effects to a dermatologist. Arnica products are available to buy in natural food stores, drug stores, or online.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar may act like an astringent in the face, pulling the skin tight to reduce redness. This may help with the appearance of spider veins in some people. Dabbing a cotton ball in vinegar and applying it to the area may help reduce the signs of burst blood vessels in the face.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a natural astringent that may help reduce the appearance of spider veins. Witch hazel contains tannins, which have antioxidant properties and may help pores look smaller. Witch hazel is available to buy from many health food stores, pharmacies, or online

Aloe vera

The gel from an aloe vera plant may be helpful in treating skin redness. Research has found that aloe vera could reduce redness like a medicinal cream (hydrocortisone) but also dried out the skin cells. People choosing to use aloe vera on the skin should be sure to moisturize after each use.

Vitamin C

Taking Vitamin C supplements may help reduce the appearance of broken blood vessels on the face. One study noted that vitamin C plays a key role in keeping the blood vessels healthy. Vitamin C may help blood vessels stay elastic and keep collagen in the cells.


Research has found that many herbs may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. While these herbs have not been directly tested on spider veins, they may help support treatment in some cases.

Herbs that may be used on spider veins include:

  • sage
  • calendula
  • oat
  • yarrow
  • marshmallow root
  • chamomile

Methods we use to treat

Broadband light technology generates broad-spectrum light waves that penetrate deeply into the lower layers of your skin. The light is changed to heat energy as it reaches beneath the surface of the skin. As this special type of light saturates the epidermis, chemicals in your skin change light energy to beneficial heat energy that immediately begins repairing damaged skin by stimulating collagen production. Collagen is a protein-rich, structural compound necessary for supporting all your body’s tissues. It is also essential for providing firmness, suppleness and strength to your facial skin. Skin naturally produces less and less collagen as we age, a major contributing factor to wrinkling, sagging, dryness, and unattractive spider veins.
In the world of earthy purifying wonders, charcoal is right up there with clay and mud. It’s been called the holy-grail ingredient and has been purging impurities since ancient times, thanks to its ability to attach to and absorb toxins. ​ In the past few years, charcoal has exploded in the world of skincare. Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. V Carbon Peel is a unique non-invasive treatment uses activated charcoal for an exfoliating and purifying effect that enhances facial lifting by penetrating deep into the pores. It’s the ideal system for tightening dilated pores and removing dead cells from the superficial epidermal layer for an overall new look. V-Carbon allows to make medium or deep peeling treatments depending on the patient’s needs.
The AFA peel is a type of chemical peel that has become an essential part of many men and women’s skincare regimen. AFA stands for Amino acid Filaggrin. It is an antioxidant that works to retain the moisture in your skin, leaving it looking fresh, renewed, and hydrated. AFA peels are also acidic. They work as effective exfoliants yet cause minimal irritation to the skin because they are made from the same type of amino acids found in the body. The AFA peel is actually one of the few chemical peels that do not make your skin sun-sensitive, making it the perfect option for all skin types.
ThermoClear RF treatments are the #1 procedure for milia (whiteheads) and sebaceous hyperplasia. It is a simple, yet effective treatment on the face, neck and décolleté for: Milia (whiteheads), oil bumps (acne control), sebaceous hyperplasia, telangiectasia (spider veins), solar lentigines (sun spots/brown pigment), seborrheic keratosis, cherry hemangiomas, cholesterol deposits, skin tags.Using a very fine sterile needle we simply touch the epidermis of the affected area. The current is attracted to the water contained within the affected area essentially dehydrating the area and triggering the body to exfoliate the dried skin in a few days.
The key to optimal skin health is a skincare professional. By combining a customized at-home regimen with powerful in-office treatments and targeted skincare solutions, the result is healthier skin with visible improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging. At LSG we offer SkinCeuticals skincare products. SkinCeuticals is an advanced clinical skincare line that offers comprehensive formulas to correct signs of aging, promote healthy skin, and prevent skin damage. Ranging from anti-aging moisturizers and eye creams to acne cleansers, vitamin C serums, and retinol products, our advanced skincare products are backed by science. Physicians and skincare professionals define cosmeceuticals as products on the cutting-edge between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Active ingredients in cosmeceuticals are expected to be clinically proven to enhance skincare efficacy.
The Intraceuticals treatment, adored by Victoria’s Secret models, pop queen Madonna and other Hollywood stars, is a hyperbaric oxygen system. Due to the Intraceuticals system and use of a high-pressure jet of oxygen, the skin is enriched with hyaluronic acid and serum, which intensely moisturises the skin and provides it with vitally necessary materials, maintaining the skin moisture and providing a clear glowing effect immediately after the procedure! Intraceuticals is the number one treatment from the world’s most famous beauty therapists! Intraceuticals has been awarded the Prix H. Pierantoni pour l’innovation award for outstanding innovation in the field of cosmetology!
A medical grade facial uses both medicinal and natural corrective measures to help erase the signs of stress your face is showing. These facials target the root cause of your skin problems, whether it be the need to remove toxins with powerful antioxidants or the need to counter years of UV ray exposure. Our patients see a tremendous improvement in their conditions because of the way we target the underlying cause of their problems. Our  facials are results-driven, meaning we create a unique facial for each client based on their specific skin needs and goals. The experience is very relaxing, but you’ll notice real changes in your skin due to the active ingredients and solutions used in our treatments.  That why we use the term “Medi-Facial” – it’s simply an enhanced facial geared towards achieving specific results.
Every once in a while a treatment is introduced that takes us one step closer to the fountain of youth. The Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial is a big step in that direction and is one of the most advanced techniques available today to slow down, treat and reverse damaged and aged facial and non-facial skin.  This is the most effective and advanced form of photo-facial and photo-rejuvenation currently available due to the broadband light technology. The Forever Young BBL encompasses all of the advantages of the original BBL Photo-Facial procedure along with the newly recognized benefit of delaying skin aging. The treatment targets hyperpigmentation, sun damage, broken capillaries and diffused redness in the skin all while stimulating collagen. Forever Young BBL clients have seen great results on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms and other body parts.
Some of the many benefits of receiving this treatment deal with stimulating collagen production through the increase in microcir­culation. This then helps to detox and rejuvenate the skin. Furthering the treatment's anti-aging benefits, cryo facials are said to restore firmness to the skin and will even cause the skin to feel tighter right after the treatment. In rejuvenating the skin, the cryo facial also restores radiance, soothes inflammation and improves skin texture and tone. This treatment can even go as far as to help clients who are suffering from more severe skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
“You look tired” – the three words none of us like to hear! When we are not well-rested it shows. A good night’s sleep is also incredibly important to our overall health and well-being. A number of factors contribute to a great sleep and we have found one of them. Introducing enVy: the pillow that puts the ‘beauty’ in ‘beauty sleep’. While offering therapeutic neck support, it also prevents wrinkles and sleep lines. Over time, facial wrinkles can form from the way we sleep with our face against our pillow; the opposite of beauty sleep.
Our Organic facial is the preferred and the safest way to rejuvenate the skin. Organic is the “true” natural, it means the products aren’t made with synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, colors or petroleum-based ingredients. The Casmara laboratory has developed the ultimate cosmetic line to prevent the passage of time from being reflected in your skin. High-technology cosmetics which will renew your skin smoothing wrinkles and expression lines. High technology of Casmara cosmetics formulated with seaweed extraits that provides a powerfull hydrating effect, along with diverse active ingredientes wich are different on every mask. Therefore, we offer a varied collection that meets the needs of every type of skin.
DMK believes in Natural, Non-Invasive and Pain Free solutions to skin conditions and age management. DMK formulations are botanical based & pharmaceutical grade because this ensures that our product contains enough of an ingredient to experience significant visible results. Pharmaceutical grade means less than 0.1% impurities in DMK formulations. Great skin doesn't happen with one product or one treatment but if your consistent with your routine and realistic about your expectations DMK can really make a difference. DMK Enzyme Therapy is a hard setting face and body mask that is applied from the décolletage, up the neck and over the face. The mask contains living enzymes that stimulate our own natural enzymes to speed up cellular processes within the skin.

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