Microblading Removal

What is Microblading Removal

Great eyebrows can have a resounding impact on appearance. Beautiful brows help to define facial features and accentuate the eyes.  With the evolution of feather touch or microblading techniques, tattooed eyebrows, also referred to as permanent or semi-permanent makeup, continues to be a popular cosmetic treatment.

But what if you’ve had cosmetic tattooing and you’re not happy with the result? What if you had your eyebrows tattooed years ago, before microblading was developed, and you want the tattoos removed? Not all cosmetic procedures result in the look that we want. Particularly with tattoos, the result can fade, and the colour can change over time. Find out how to safely and effectively remove unwanted cosmetic tattoos.

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Laser tattoo removal is a simple procedure that uses a special laser (a high-intensity beam of light) to safely remove tattoos that a person no longer wants. The darker, contrasting colors used in a tattoo absorb the wavelengths of the laser, effectively breaking its colors into fragments, while protecting the surrounding skin, which doesn’t absorb the laser due to the contrast differences. Throughout treatments, your tattoo gets progressively light and lighter until it eventually disappears altogether. Mild discomfort should be expected, though far less discomfort than was experienced in getting the tattoo.

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