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You are likely seeking dermal filler treatments for one of two reasons: augmentation vs. maintenance or anti-ageing. When you are seeking a treatment to enhance a specific area, for example the cheeks or lips, or make a change to a feature, for example a downturned nose-tip or recessed chin, it is considered an augmentation or enhancement. Maintenance or anti-ageing means to simply keep up with your body’s natural course of volume loss that comes with ageing. For each concern, your injector will select the appropriate molecule size for the treatment.

RHA Fillers Are Here, and They May Be the Most Effective Anti-Aging Cosmetic Injectable Yet

You care about what you put in and on your body. You buy wholesome food to nourish yourself, and research ingredients in skincare products. So, if you had the option, wouldn’t you choose a cleaner facial filler—especially if it offered superior results? Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA®) filler may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

What are RHA fillers?

The RHA Collection of Dermal Fillers are the first and only fillers that are FDA-approved to treat dynamic facial wrinkles and folds (those that move with your natural facial expressions). RHA fillers are called “resilient” because they are designed to smooth and contour even the most wrinkle-prone areas of your face.

Why are RHA fillers considered “clean”?

Many sources consider RHA fillers to be “clean” because they require less processing than traditional HA fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane, making them more akin to the natural hyaluronic acid (HA) produced in our bodies. As a result, people tend to be less reactive to RHA, as the body perceives it as less foreign.

However, since RHA fillers are still chemically formulated, we like to think of them as a “clean-er” family of fillers—and the purest currently on the market.

Teosyal® Dermal Filler

Teosyal® is an award-winning line of 100% hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers that are designed to be injected into the most dynamic areas of your face: the mouth, cheeks, forehead, neck, and around the eyes. Once injected, Teosyal®perfectly fills the wrinkles on your problem areas and hydrates the skin, promoting healthy skin functioning and restoring volume that’s been lost due to aging. Teosyal® stands out as one of the top dermal fillers available in Canada due to its:

  • Ability to be undetectable while filling expression lines
  • Enhanced malleability properties that enable natural-looking results
  • Volumizing capabilities that do not make the face look noticeability treated

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Teosyal RHA Collection includes 3 different types of filler— RHA 1, RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4. Each of these fillers is specially formulated to treat different areas of the face:

  • RHA 1 is a filler treatment designed for superficial lines and wrinkles found on the face, neck or decollete. LSG clients use it to treat surface lines in the perioral zone, forehead, neck, and around the eyes.
  • RHA 2 is designed to treat surface lines and wrinkles including vertical lip lines, radial cheek lines (those that fan out from the mouth when you smile), glabellar lines (a.k.a. the “elevens”), and crow’s feet.
  • RHA 3 works best for treating deep wrinkles and creases, such as nasolabial folds (the deep lines that run vertically between the nose and mouth) and the corners of the mouth. It can also be used to volumize the lips and midface, and smooth the cheeks.
  • RHA 4 is designed to treat the deepest lines and folds, namely those along the lower face and jawline. It is also effective at contouring the cheeks to create the appearance of high cheekbones.
  • Puresense Ultra Deep is A gentle resculpting treatment to augment the cheeks, cheekbones and facial contours, to correct mild ptosis and to fill deep facial wrinkles on thick skin areas. Best paired with RHA 4
  • Puresense Ultimate Treatment to increase the volume of facial tissue in zones such as the cheekbones, cheeks and chin. Resculpts facial contour.
  • Puresense Global Action Simplified filling. Treatment for filling linear facial wrinkles and skin breaks, such as slight or moderately marked nasolabial folds, lines around the mouth and lines between the eyebrows.
  • Puresense Kiss Lips Enhancement. As a treatment to boost lip volume and correct moderate to deep marionette lines, KISS provides higher cohesivity for a safer, longer lasting result.
  • Redensity I Beauty Booster. A mix of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients.
  • Redensity II Under Eye Circle Fighter The first hyaluronic acid gel specifically designed to tackle under eye circles.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which filler is right for you; Our team of skincare experts can help you determine which filler is best for your aesthetic goals during a personal consultation

In our body, we can find the greatest concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) in our skin, where it helps us to retain moisture, collagen and promote elasticity. But as we age, many factors such as the sun reduce the amount of HA that is in our body.

Teosyal® is made with a high concentration of cross-linked (HA), the natural secret ingredient to keeping skin hydrated and youthful. When Teosyal® is injected into the problem areas of your face, it works to replenish the HA that your skin has lost, bringing back structure and volume, and eliminating facial wrinkles and folds.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that helps to hydrate and add volume to our skin. Natural hyaluronic acid is broken down by the body in one or two days so is constantly replaced—as we age this replacement mechanism diminishes so the moisturising and plumping effects of hyaluronic acid decrease. Hyaluronic acid is used for aesthetic treatments, and has been used by doctors for injection into arthritic joints to aid movement as well as eye surgery.

RHA fillers smooth wrinkles by rebuilding lost volume in your tissues. Since RHA fillers don’t temporarily weaken facial muscles like Botox does, you’ll retain your natural facial expressions, they’ll just appear softer and more youthful.

According to a study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, people who received RHA fillers noted a significant aesthetic improvement and satisfaction rate compared to those who had HA fillers. Here are a few of the advantages RHA fillers have over traditional HA fillers and Botox:

  • While traditional HA fillers last between 6-12 months, RHA fillers work for up to 15 months.
  • Unlike Botox, RHA fillers treat wrinkles and restore lost volume.
  • Unlike HA fillers, which are used to treat static wrinkles, RHA fillers can treat both dynamic and static wrinkles—meaning they can temporarily correct virtually any and all facial lines & folds.
  • Patients who received RHA fillers experienced less swelling than HA fillers because of RHA’s cleaner formula.
  • Because of their minimal refining process, RHA fillers move more naturally within the skin than HA fillers.

While Teosyal is delivered via injection, it is a dermal filler that contains a unique cross-linked formula that includes the additional benefit of Lidocaine, a freezing agent that helps to numb the area where the injection occurs. This means that the entire injection experience is made more comfortable for you without any added anesthetics.

For the ultimate nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, RHA fillers can be combined with Botox to reduce wrinkles, plump up tissues, and smooth skin. Botox can even enhance the effects of RHA fillers: since Botox temporarily limits movement in the area it’s injected, it can help your RHA filler last longer. If you decide to combine your RHA fillers with Botox, we may perform both injections during the same visit, or inject Botox first and plan a follow-up visit for you to receive your RHA fillers (so we can see the Botox take effect first).

Not including our initial consultation, Teosyal® injection takes as little as 15 minutes, depending on how many areas you are injecting.

The aesthetic results are immediate and very natural looking. You can return to work and resume your social life immediately. Generally, you will experience most of your swelling between the first two days of treatment and a slight bruising where the injection occurred. You are free to return to your regular daily activities immediately after your treatment. It is normal to continue to swell slightly for up to seven to 10 days.

Following injection, you may experience redness, slight swelling, or bruising at the injected area. Your nurse will inform you about this. These side effects will not last and can easily be covered up with your usual makeup. However, do not hesitate to inform our nurse if these reactions persist (beyond a week) or if any other side effects are observed.

Aside from the face, RHA fillers can also be used to plump and hydrate skin in the neck, décolletage, and even the hands. It is especially effective at treating the “crepey” skin (named after its resemblance to crepe paper) that people often develop due to age, sun damage, and hormonal changes.

Do not take aspirin for at least three days before the injection session.
During the injection, risk of bruising (haematoma) and swelling will be higher for patients under anti-coagulant treatment or taking aspirin.

You are advised not to apply pressure to or massage the injection site during the first days following injection session. In the two weeks following treatment, we advise against prolonged exposure to temperatures under 0°C, and to sun or strong heat (UV rays, saunas, steam baths, etc).

Yes. Teosyal® is proven to be safe for all skin types.

Like HA fillers, RHA fillers can easily be dissolved using an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Our skilled Nurse Injector, can help patients reverse poor filler results they may have received from under-qualified providers. To ensure your RHA filler results will match your expectations in the first place, choose a highly experienced nurse injector to perform your filler treatment.

Teosyal® treatments are typically known to last between nine to 12 months.


  • Lip Augmentation: (expandable explanations) Change the shape, enhance hydration, replace volume loss or achieve larger lips.
  • Chin: Elongate the face, increase projection, soften shadowing and lines, improve overbite/recessed appearance
  • Peri-oral: Improve fine to deep lines around the mouth, shadowing, feather/smoker lines, lift downturned mouth corners, disguise marionette lines
  • Nasolabial Folds: Soften fine to deep folds, skinboosting for creases, sometimes combined with cheeks/mid-face for lift
  • Cheeks: Replace mid-face to lateral cheek volume loss, overall facial lifting, defining and contouring for an OGEE curve, assists in reducing nasolabial folds
  • Undereyes/Tear Troughs: Replace volume loss, reduce shadowing and “bags”, look less “tired”, medial to lateral trough
  • Temples: Replace volume loss to achieve overall lift, soften appearance of ageing/extreme weight loss
  • Brow bone: Sculpt an orbital rim, improve eyelid ptosis
  • Forehead: Rounding, softening of bony prominences
  • Nose/non-surgical nose job/liquid rhinoplasty: Increase bridge height, narrow appearance from front-view, tip-lift and reshaping
  • Jawline: Enhance/contour jawline and jawline angle, reduce appearance of jowling, lower face lifting for ageing faces, especially women
  • Soft-Lift: In addition to multiple treatment areas, product placed by the ear and near the hairline can help achieve overall lift
  • Necklace lines: Correct “tech-neck” or “necklace” lines,
  • Hands: Replace volume loss, reduce bony/veiny appearance

Everyone is different! It all depends how your body metabolizes the product. For many, they will last 6-9 months. For others it may be much longer (up to two years) and rarely, some last fewer than 6 months.

If you are new to lip augmentation we recommend booking a consult to determine a treatment plan that allows us to achieve your desired look in a natural and gradual way. Most people begin with 0.5cc (half-syringe) as it is subtle, yet noticeable once the lips have fully healed and the filler has settled in. Each plan is tailored to your needs, as everyone has different lip shapes, fullness and available space to support filler. This can make it difficult to compare exactly to other people’s results with the same volume. We offer lip augmentations in graduated amounts: 0.25cc, 0.5cc, 0.75cc, 1.0cc, so you pay only for what you need.

Simply: no they won’t. Collagen production is stimulated during lip augmentations both by the product itself and the needle pokes used to inject the filler. This new collagen/elastin/fibrin matrix keeps the area plump and tight, even in the absence of filler. In addition, your body breaks down filler very slowly relative to your natural skin turnover cycle which allows ample time for your skin to compensate and adjust for the decrease in volume.

This varies greatly from person-to-person depending on your propensity to bruise and swell. On average, swelling and bruising subside mostly within a few days and are fully healed after 2-3 weeks

This depends on your healing process. Retreatment is typically recommended after at least 4 weeks to allow optimal time for healing. In some cases, depending on your healing process retreatment can happen as soon as 2 weeks.


Any trauma or stress around the mouth area may trigger an outbreak, particularly if you get frequent outbreaks (4 or more per year). If you are concerned, speak to your family physician one week before your appointment and they may prescribe an oral antiviral medication to prevent/lower the risk of an outbreak after lip augmentation. Alternatively, we can discuss other options at your appointment.


Unfortunately, we encounter a lot of clients who have had a bad experience with injectables and require corrections. Botulinum Toxins do not have an antidote or reversing agent, so undesired effects such as drooping brow, lid ptosis, asymmetrical smile, etc. are typically something you just have to wait out. We always encourage you to return to the injector who treated you so that the issue can be assessed and promote learning between you and the injector.

In the case of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, we have options. Perhaps you have lumps, asymmetry, migrated filler, filler “moustache” or “ridge” above the lip or a Tyndall effect (blueish appearance of filler too close to the surface of the skin). In these cases, we can remove the filler with an enzyme called hyaluronidase which breaks down filler quickly and effectively and eliminates it through your lymphatic system. Dissolving results are typically noticed within the first 24-48 hours. Repeat treatments spaced minimum of 2-3 weeks apart may be required, as the effects are less predictable than with other injectables. Hyaluronidase is not specific to filler, so it may also break down your own natural hyaluronic acid within your skin. Luckily for us, our bodies are exceptional healers and hyaluronic acid levels can easily be replenished within about a month after breakdown in a healthy individual. Drinking plenty of water, light activity and massaging the area encourages lymphatic drainage and supports optimal results and healing. Sometimes PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments are recommended to help restore the health of the tissues. If you wish to refill the area, we recommend waiting at least 4 weeks after your last dissolving session for best results.

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