How to Get Beautiful Lips that Look Natural

Many people are concerned about getting lip filler for fear that they may look unnatural or end up with lips that are too big. But nothing could be further from the truth. You just have to have a clear understanding of what filler can and cannot do, and then find an injector who can help you achieve your beauty goals.

Speaking of goals, that’s the first thing you need to decide. Some things to consider: What are you hoping to achieve with your augmentation? Do you want fuller lips? Or are you looking to create a better balance between your upper and lower lip? Maybe you want lip rejuvenation more so than volume. Perhaps you’re bothered by upper lip lines and want them gone.

Depending on your desired outcome below are some ways that lip fillers can give your mouth a perky ‘pick-me-up,’ boosting your self-confidence in the process.

Lip Filler to Improve the Size the Shape

If your lips are too small for your liking, they can be made larger with dermal filler. If you don’t like the shape of your lips, this too (to a certain extent) can be corrected. For example, we can enhance the vermillion border and Cupid’s bow to give the lips more noticeable definition.

Some people have one lip that’s undesirably smaller than the other. In this case the focus would be on creating a more symmetrical appearance. The ideal ratio is one third (upper lip) and two thirds (lower); however, any rule is made to be broken. A good injector will consider multiple factors, as well as your goals, to make sure your new lips perfectly complement your face.

Lip Rejuvenation

Wrinkles can form anywhere on the face, including the lips. Furthermore, the lips can start to look dehydrated and lacking in youthful vibrancy. Thankfully we have minimally-plumping fillers such as Juvéderm® VOLBELLA for smoothing lip lines/wrinkles without making your lips much bigger.

The goal here is to restore some of the volume, but more importantly, to create more youthful and natural-looking lips and mouth. The injection technique is similar, only more of the filler is placed inside the fleshy part of the lip to smooth lines and hydrate them from the inside out.

Smoker’s Lines

You don’t have to be a smoker to develop vertical lines on the upper lip. In fact, they’re quite common after the age of forty due to every day facial expressions such as smiling, laughing, or eating and drinking.

We can treat deeper smoker’s lines with dermal fillers and super-fine wrinkles with beauty boosters. Both use hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and temporarily soften their appearance. For a longer-term solution for upper lip lines you may want to consider laser such as Fraxel. It’s a non-ablative resurfacing procedure that works to stimulate collagen, thereby diminishing smoker’s lines permanently.

For more information on lip rejuvenation with filler contact us to book an appointment. We look forward to helping you look and feel great!