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Experience makeup that does more.

Colorescience Pro’s high-performance cosmetics were created to  remedy and camouflage specific skin concerns and protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun and environment.  Our dermatologist recommended formulations blend and layer together to achieve an instant and easy flawless face.

Colorescience Pro is the premier luxury aesthetic makeup line in the medical and resort spa channel, differentiating our products from other makeup lines through high quality, efficacious ingredients, luxury colores and formulations, and convenience and simplicity of use. With every product we strive to make a difference in the diminution of skin cancer and skin conditions. Together with our partners we will be instrumental in the growth of the medical aesthetic market within the cosmetic and sunscreen categories.

Colorescience Products:

  • Foundations
  • Skin Primers
  • Serums
  • Setting Mists
  • Starter Kits

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Recommended by leading Dermatologists and Celebrity makeup artists alike, Diane Ranger and Colorescience are truly blending the line between Colore and Science. In 1976, Diane first revolutionized the cosmetic industry when she founded Bare Escentuals and invented mineral makeup, which in turn created the multi-billion dollar mineral makeup industry.

Colorescience is the evolution into the 21st century of mineral colore skincare. Completely free of the dyes, talcs, fillers, mineral oil, perfumes and other ingredients found in traditional lines, Colorescience gives you beautiful results without disrupting healthy skin function. The line encompasses the essence of colore and the advancements in science to give your skin instant and long-lasting results.

Our Colorescience Sunforgettable Pro SPF 30 gives you sun protection for 6 hours. Did you know that almost every SPF on the market lasts only 2 hours, and if not re-applied after 2 hours you do not have sun protection. At noon time, wouldn’t it be nice to apply a mineral makeup based product that slips into your bag, not only covering up your afternoon shine but also giving you extended coverage for the rest of your day? AND, as an added bonus, sunforgettable is great for children, and is also water-proof!



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Need a natural pick me up? Vitamin B12 acts as an energizer, while releasing anti-stress elements throughout the body. It is well known that B12 is an integral part of treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However, all patients can benefit from its energizing effects. Intramuscular B12 has been shown to be superior to taking B12 by mouth, due to its low level of gastrointestinal absorption. Monthly B12 injections are recommended and can be administered during a very short office visit.
Broadband light technology generates broad-spectrum light waves that penetrate deeply into the lower layers of your skin. The light is changed to heat energy as it reaches beneath the surface of the skin. As this special type of light saturates the epidermis, chemicals in your skin change light energy to beneficial heat energy that immediately begins repairing damaged skin by stimulating collagen production. Collagen is a protein-rich, structural compound necessary for supporting all your body’s tissues. It is also essential for providing firmness, suppleness and strength to your facial skin. Skin naturally produces less and less collagen as we age, a major contributing factor to wrinkling, sagging, dryness, and unattractive spider veins.

Frequently Asked Questions


Finally, a colore cosmetic that is good for your skin – ColoreScience protective face colore is a breakthrough in protection, rated SPF 20-50 and “very water resistant”. ColoreScience uses only colores from nature. The colore comes from the earth’s natural minerals. Refined and blended into a loose cosmetic colore, they look like a powder, but feel like a cream. The mineral colore pigments reflect light so that the colore seems to come from within, making the skin look younger and healthier.

Mineral Makeup is a term coined by ColoreScience founder Diane Ranger in 1977. Her vision was to establish and maintain the highest level if ingredient integrity by focusing on the quality of the minerals in each formula, as well as the way in which minerals were processed. Unlike the new mineral make up lines that have appeared over the years, ColoreScience remains true to its ingredients by not using oils, talcs, alcohols, dyes, binders, fillers and heavy preservaties.

If you choose to use mineral makeup outside of Colorescience, you can find that some have sun protection that is not as potent or stable. Fragrances and dyes in the products can clog pores and cause breakouts. Products with talc is drying to the skin and can irritate and cause redness, and you cannot get the same level of coverage that won’t last as long.

No, Colorescience uses a non-transfer finish that resists rubbing off on clothes. In fact, Colorescience is also very water resistant.

Yes, Colorescience can be applied quickly and has unique packaging making it easy to handle during your busy morning or on breaks for minimal touch-ups. A little goes a long way with Colorescience, so you will not have to spend so much time applying layers of makeup.

Yes, you can choose from their many choices of tones to find the perfect match for your skin. In fact, Colorescience believes that their mineral makeup not only looks like your skin, but makes it look even better.

No, Colorescience minerals look like powder, but they feel like a cream. Even if you apply multiple layers, you will feel like you have nothing on your skin. Colorescience also offers complete coverage and camouflage without leaving a “cakey” look.

Some plumpers use menthol or kitchen spices like cayenne to make lips tingle and appear fuller momentarily, but leave it to Colorescience mineral makeup to bring real science to the art of lip enhancement. New CRYSTALESCIENCE LIP SERUM makes lips look young, full and sexy with a patented plumper that doesn’t make mouths tingle, but measurably improves lip contour and definition. What sets the CRYSTALESCIENCE LIP SERUM apart is that formula also contains magical Liquid Crystals that boost the activity of other ingredients and provide a dramatic visual colore play and a high level of iridescence.

The CRYSTALESCIENCE LIP SERUM formula also provides Vitamin E to repair dry, chapped lips and aromatherapy essences of bergamot, sweet orange and lavender, healing Tea Tree oil, and breath-freshening peppermint. It’s a combination that makes CRYSTALESCIENCE LIP SERUM the sexiest, healthiest way to keep the “come hither” in a smile.

Choose from 4 unique colors: Orange U Sweet – sunset orange, Thru the Grapevine – frosty grape, Red My Lips – sheer red , or Shock me Pink – fuchsia pink.

Most colore cosmetics act like a mask and are filled with ingredients detrimental to sensitive skin. ColoreScience brings colore and minerals into the twenty-first century with “good for your skin” products formulated with percentages of active ingredients that are proven skin beneficial. ColoreScience minerals meet the patients need for colore cosmetics with formulations that desensitize and protect while immediately enhancing appearance and overall treatment experience.

ColoreScience is an ELITE mineral makeup colore and sun care line that specializes in post treatments to lessen downtime and discomfort that can be associated with many medical skin care procedures. ColoreScience products will also enhance the results of the procedures. ColoreScience can cover, correct and conceal, while soothing, retexturizing and protecting at the same time.

ColoreScience offers three important benefits for post procedure protocol:

  • Physical, stable, full spectrum, instant SPF 30-50 powder sun protection
  • Natural looking camouflage to cover and conceal any type of skin discoloration for almost any reason
  • Skin beneficial age management products with multiple uses and multiple benefits.

Your plastic surgeon can explain when you can begin using camouflage makeup. Using camouflage makeup too early can cause adverse side effects and prolong your recovery time or have an adverse effect on the final results of your surgery or non-invasive treatment.

Colorescience Eye Trio Kit can be used to soothe skin tissue and enhance procedures to lessen the look of dark circles, dryness and puffiness.

Colorescience Acne Protocol is an enhanced acne skin care line and offers comfort and coverage during the healing process.

Many individuals have skin tone irregularities and abnormalities. This can lead to unhappiness with their appearance. These individuals may even become anti-social, shy and depressed. Colore corrective cosmetics allow individuals to “blend in” and feel attractive even with skin conditions such as birth marks, rosacea, acne, dark circles, hyper or hypo-pigmentation. Post surgical discolorations can be camouflaged by colore corrective cosmetics.

SPF 20 means you can stay in the sun up to twenty times longer than you normally cold without getting sunburned. It provides a very high protection against sunburn. Layering offers added protection. Reapply when in the sun for extended periods of time or if you rub your skin. Reapply after 80 minutes of excessive perspiring or swimming.

ColoreScience’s tiny mineral pigments adhere to and lie on top of the skin surface providing a protective barrier from the environment to prevent skin damage, freckling and uneven coloration. Titanium Dioxide acts like a mirror and has great reflective properties. Zinc Oxide acts like a sponge and has light absorbing properties to protect the skin from UVA and UVB radiation. Mineral powder protection is preferred by those with sensitive skin.

Colorescience will transform your beauty regime, offering foundation primers that act as non-surgical dermal fillers: lift, shape, texturize and tighten. At the same time, they mattify pores, erase lines and brighten or bronze the skin tone. Loos mineral foundations and rock solid pressed foundations give all day coverage that won’t wear off and won’t swimm off. Versatile – use for a natural look or complete coverage. It feels as if you are wearing nothing at all and gives you SPF 20-50 protection from BOTH UVA, UVB and infrared rays. Perfect for sensitive skin, troubled skin and post laser skin. It is also approved by the Cancer Foundation.

Colorescience offers post procedure protocols that doctors have recommended to shorten the down time usually necessary with many treatments, especially peels, lasers and other aggressive skin regimes. A perfect ending protocol is offered to estheticians that leaves the skin flawless after facials and waxing and offers necessary sun protection without heavy chemicals.

Not only did the founder of Colorescience create the mineral makeup concept, she was the first to rate minerals with an SPF rating, initially with SPF 15 in 1992 and then with SPF 20 in 1995.
Dermatologists agree that wearing sunscreens everyday not only prevents premature aging of the skin, but also is a preventative against skin cancer. Sun damage can account for up to 80% of skin aging. Most dermatologists and plastic surgeons agree that sun protection is the number one anti-aging product.

In 2004, Colorescience founder Diane, invented the world’s first powdered (clear and colorless) sunblock with an SPF 30 and 50, called Sunforgettable, our blushes have and SPF 20 and several others. Using high tech sun solutions and nanotechnology, this clear powder offers instant, physical UVA, UVB and infrared sun protection. It keeps the skin cool and will not exacerbate skin issues like traditional sunscreens. Sunforgettable is now available in a Rock and Roller Ball created with men in mind. For full body, serious sun protection, this innovative applicator makes protecting your skin easier and faster than ever.

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