Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum

Product Overview

Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum

LATISSE® is a topical prescription medication that is designed to help you grow more prominent, beautiful lashes. It has been available in Canada since 2010.


Latisse Product
LATISSE is especially good for contact lens wearers. Flaking mascara can cause contact lens irritation. With LATISSE, you can insert your contact lenses 15 minutes after your daily treatment. When you do not need to wear mascara to improve your eyelash appearance, you may have less contact lens irritation.

Your LATISSE Treatment

LATISSE is available by prescription only. You will be taught how to properly apply Latisse after you receive a prescription. You will apply LATISSE at home once per day. Using LATISSE more often than advised will not improve results.

You apply LATISSE to clean skin that has no makeup. You use a single drop of LATISSE and a disposable applicator and apply LATISSE to your upper lash line. LATISSE is not applied on your lower lash line. You should remove your contact lenses before applying LATISSE.

Results And Aftercare For LATISSE

LATISSE works because it keeps your eyelashes in a permanent growth cycle. While you apply LATISSE every day, your lashes will continue to grow, and will be darker and thicker. When you stop using LATISSE, your eyelashes will look like they did before you used LATISSE.

You will start to see results 8-12 weeks after you begin treatment. Full results should appear after 16 weeks. 80% of patients who use LATISSE see a significant improvement in eyelash prominence. Your results will continue until you discontinue use of LATISSE.

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Do you have light, sparse, or short eyelashes but hate applying mascara daily? In the past, only mascara or costly, inconvenient eyelash extensions in could improve the appearance of your lashes. Now LATISSE is available to help you grow your own, more beautiful eyelashes.
LATISSE helps you grow lashes that are:

  • Darker
  • Thicker
  • Fuller


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