Laser Spa Group Gift Cards

Give the gift of energy and time to someone special. Beautifully designed and presented, all services, packages, and series treatments are available as Gift Cards for that special occasion. Customized packages are also available. Phone and mail orders are welcome. Please check with our receptionist to see if the guest you are buying for has a wish list established with us.

At Laser Spa Group, we always offer many fantastic deals and specials. Our gift cards are a great way to get the best services and also make excellent gifts for loved ones. With our gift cards, our clients can buy services when it’s convenient or, “bank” them in their account until the time comes when they need them. This is a great service that not many medical spas offer so you should definitely take advantage of it!

Sometimes, people are hesitant about buying gift cards for friends or family. They are afraid that it may be too personal or they might offend someone. Has that gone through your mind too and kept you from getting one as a gift? Well, we are here to tell you that a Laser Spa Group gift card is one of the best gifts you could give someone. Your loved one can use the gift card for any service we offer at the spa, so they can get the exact service they need or want. How could that ever be a bad gift?

If you buy the wrong gift, do not worry! At Laser Spa Group, we can apply the dollar amount toward any service. So if you have bought someone laser hair removal or a skin tightening treatment, but they would rather have IPL or Oxygeneo, we can give them that! We make sure that all our clients get exactly what they want and needs.

Dollar denominations for gift-giving is also available through our convenient gift card program. Laser Spa Group Gift Cards work like a debit card. Value in the form of dollars is stored on the card and deducted when paying for spa services. The card can be used to pay for all spa services, not including retail products. Any unused balance remains on the card for future use. Additional value can easily be added to the card at any time. Gift Cards are not refundable for cash, only spa credit.