Summer’s Coming: How to Get Tighter, Smoother Skin

Does the idea of shopping for summer clothes feel daunting? If you answered “definitely,” then there’s a way to regain your confidence just in time for summer. It doesn’t involve surgery or going on crazy crash diets. The treatment is called 3DEEP RF non-surgical body contouring, and it can help you look better in your favourite bikini or little black dress in only 12-16 weeks.

3DEEP Body Contouring: What is it? 

The eye is attracted to smooth curves and healthy, tight skin. With age, weight fluctuations or pregnancy, however, our skin can lose its natural collagen and elasticity. We also tend to accumulate stubborn fat deposits that no amount of diet or exercise can budge.

It may seem that the only way to correct these concerns is with liposuction, the number one cosmetic surgery procedure. But we’re here to tell you that it’s possible to reduce skin sagging and unwanted fat non-surgically with radiofrequency (RF) body contouring treatments.

Here’s How it Works

EndyMed 3DEEP™ uses an advanced, multi-source, phase-controlled technology. Basically it’s an elevated version of other RF devices, only the 3DEEP delivers radiofrequency energy more safely and precisely for maximum fat reduction and skin tightening.

During treatment we use the patented high-tech 3DEEP RF handpiece to heat up fat and skin. Certain RF wavelengths penetrate all the way down to those stubborn fat bulges, destroying fatty tissue which your body then breaks down and removes naturally.

Other heat frequencies target the surface. These are more superficial layers where collagen, your skin’s scaffolding is located. The RF energy acts to contract the collagen fibers, resulting in tissue shrinkage or “retraction” which the eye perceives as tighter, smoother skin.

Does it Really Work?

Yes it really does work! EndyMed 3DEEP™ is clinically-proven to improve body contours, reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten skin around common problem areas such as the stomach, flanks, buttocks, arms, hips and thighs.

Setting Yourself up for Success

Consistency is the key when it comes to RF treatments. That’s because skin-tightening doesn’t happen overnight. We recommend a minimum of 8-10 weekly sessions for optimum results.

After each treatment your body builds more and more collagen. It also takes approximately 12-16 weeks for your body to detoxify the dead fat cells. Overall, the final results are visible after 3-4 months.

Patients with the happiest outcomes tend to be within 15-20 lbs of their ideal body weight and have mild-to-moderate skin laxity. RF body contouring is not a weight loss method, and most people experience loss of inches, not pounds. It’s also not an ideal solution if you have more advanced skin laxity which may require surgery.

What to Expect

EndyMed 3DEEP™ is very comfortable and there’s no downtime. The RF energy can feel a little warm on the skin; however, most people are able to get through their treatment with very little discomfort. In fact, the treatment is often described as having a hot stone massage.

For more information on 3DEEP Body Contouring contact us to book an appointment. We look forward to helping you look and feel great!