Three Uses for Dermal Filler Rejuvenation You May Not Know About

Dermal filler is a popular way to reshape the face and restore the volume and plumpness that’s lost due to age. Most people associate filler with higher cheekbones, smoother nasolabial folds and lip augmentation. That’s because these are the areas that were traditionally treated with filler in the past.

As our understanding of injectables has evolved, so has our application of them in the face (and even other areas). Read on to learn how about the lesser known uses for dermal filler that can produce a remarkable result.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

If you’ve ever wondered what your nose would look like a little straighter, more upturned or reshaped entirely, but you’re not ready for a surgical nose job, there’s another option. It’s called the “non-surgical rhinoplasty” and it has become extremely popular with both women and men.

During a non-surgical rhinoplasty your injector uses dermal filler to help improve the shape and overall appearance of your nose. Depending on your individual goals, filler can be used to camouflage a dorsal hump or build up the bridge, to correct asymmetry or hooked nose, giving it a more upward projection.

If you choose to undergo a non-surgical nose job make sure to choose your injector very carefully. Nose augmentation with filler can be a little risky because of the prominent arteries that run through that area. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable clinic with highly experienced and trained staff.

Dermal Filler Jawline Contouring

A strong, well-defined jawline is a highly coveted facial feature at the moment. It’s no doubt due to all the celebrities who sport one, coupled with the ability to obtain a chiseled lower face with a quick visit to your medspa or plastic surgeon.

Until recently there wasn’t hyaluronic acid filler that was dense enough to property support the bones of the jawline, to give it that crisp, sculpted look. The only road to augmentation was a silicone implant, which came with its own set of risks and complications.

Today with have dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® VOLUX that are specifically designed to mimic bone. These ‘harder’ and more specialized fillers not only correct volume loss in the lower face, but they can be highly effective tools to reshape and mould the lower face to produce a more angular jawline and profile.

Don’t Forget the Temples

The temples are often overlooked when it comes to facial rejuvenation. More emphasis is placed on traditional areas such as cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, tear troughs and lips.

Although treating these areas is an important part of the rejuvenation process, it’s correcting hollow temples that can produce the most dramatic results. We don’t always notice temple aging contributes to us looking ‘tired’ until filler is applied there, helping to lift and frame the upper face and eyes.

Achieving more youthful temples may require anywhere from half to a full syringe of medium-dense filler such as Juvéderm® VOLUMA per side. That’s because the temples are naturally hollow, requiring more product to filler them. Multiple visits may be required to build up the filler for the desired results.

For more information on rejuvenation with dermal filler contact us to book an appointment. We look forward to helping you look and feel great!