Top Five Minimally-Invasive Treatments to Look More Refreshed

We all have that one friend who always looks timeless. They seem to defy aging with their smooth, wrinkle-free skin and radiant complexion. Is it genetic or do they have some closely guarded beauty secret to which the rest of us are not privy?

As the owner of a leading medical spa in Hamilton and Burlington, I have exciting news for you.

Anyone – at any age – can have gorgeous, luminous skin. You just have to know which treatment (or combination of treatments) can get you the aesthetic results you desire.

We can help. Below is a list of non-surgical procedures that we recommend to transform your complexion from average to stunning without ever stepping foot in a surgeon’s office:

Picoway® Resolve

PicoWay is most famous for tattoo removal. Only now it’s used for anti-aging as well. This device delivers ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to gently resurface the skin.

If you’re wondering how to reduce acne scars and pigmentation lesions, wrinkles and improve skin texture, PicoWay is a great choice. It has the shortest downtime of all the lasers while still delivering outstanding results. PicoWay is best performed in a series of 2-6 sessions 3-4 weeks apart.

Ideal for: busy individuals who want to improve skin tone, texture and smoothness with little discomfort and downtime.

HydraFacial MD®

Our clients love this facial because it targets multiple skin issues at the same time. What is the HydraFacial? A special handpiece blends a swirling jet of antioxidants and peptides with suction to exfoliate, deep-cleanse and remove impurities from the pores. Simultaneously, targeted treatments are infused via their patented Vortex–Fusion® serum delivery system.

Ideal for: those looking to achieve immediate and long-term skin benefits such as improved skin health and radiance, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and more plump and hydrated appearance.

OxyGeneo™ Super Facial

Without Oxygen life would not be possible. Our skin is no different; it requires Oxygen for optimum health and metabolism. OxyGeneo™ Facial is considered “Super” because of its unique 3-1 treatment protocol that promotes deep-tissue oxygenation while delivering skin nutrition deep into the epidermis.

Ideal for: treating dull, prematurely aged skin with immediate improvement in skin plumpness, hydration and brightness for that youthful glow.


Also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), doctors discovered decades ago that stimulating the skin with tiny needles boosts collagen. Since then microneedling benefits have been touted by celebrities and enjoyed by everyone looking for exceptional skin rejuvenation. A series of 3-6 sessions can improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation and smooth the skin’s texture.

We use the high-tech eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller for a powerful skin rejuvenation effect.

Ideal for: All skin types and ages to boost collagen and help the skin look smoother, more healthy and radiant.


If you wish to look years younger without surgery then the Soft Lift® should be at the top of your list. Our expert injectors use neuromodulators and dermal fillers turn back the clock and give your face more lifted and more contoured appearance.

Patented by Allergan, the Soft Lift® involves administering BOTOX Cosmetic® to relax dynamic lines and wrinkles, plus Juvéderm® hyaluronic acid filler to enhance volume in areas such as cheeks, jawline and temples.  For Soft Lift® before and after photos click here.

Ideal for: Women and men over the age of 30 who would like to prevent age-related facial volume loss or those with mild-to-moderate skin laxity who wish to look more lifted and refreshed.