If the idea of cosmetic surgery sends you running for the hills, but you’re determined to find a solution to freshen up your look, reverse the signs of aging, and target wrinkles, then a Soft-Lift could be the perfect solution for you. You may be asking, what exactly is this procedure? Well, firstly, it’s non-invasive which means there is no surgery involved. What it does involve is cosmetic injectables such as BOTOX Cosmetic® and JUVÉDERM® fillers, which smooth out the surface of your skin and re-define your facial contours. This means that those particular areas around the eyes and mouth can be visibly improved without the need for surgery or any invasive treatments. Not only is this type of procedure gentle, but it also excludes any use of lasers or skin tightening devices. A Soft Lift combines neuromodulators and fillers to reduce and treat those stark signs of aging that can weigh down your facial features and contribute to that tired appearance.