Booty Facial

Booty Facial

Take care of your body – it’s the only place you have to live

Have you heard about Booty Facials yet? These amazing skincare treatments are the next big thing in beauty. This luxury treatment targets a variety of booty skin issues. Like the skin on your face, the skin on your booty is prone to dryness, flakiness, loss of elasticity, firmness, and inflammation.

Our aesthetician is going to take into account all of these factors before they begin treatment. After the evaluation, the appropriate technique has been selected and applied. The treatment involves a combination of detoxifying, exfoliating, extractions, ,microdermabrasion, zapping with high frequency, massaging, masking, brushing. When it is over your booty will feel smooth and delicate to touch and relaxed.

Booty or the buttocks is one of the most neglected areas of the body, it’s often hard to see what’s going on back there (literally), so we can take care of that for you. Having smooth, even skin everywhere always makes everyone feel a bit more confident. Our booty facial treatment is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs and acne, stimulate collagen, brighten and soften the skin while smoothing cellulite.

Not only is this treatment relaxing, it’s also very effective in polishing away these impurities and clogged pores with our diamond microdermabrasion, so our active products can go to work to help even-out the skin tone leaving your skin soft and smooth.




Frequently Asked Questions


The same reason why you need a facial. To detox, to glow, to hydrate and rejuvenate.

Here are three undeniable advantages to taking care of your booty with this amazing skincare treatment.

1. Improve Circulation

Believe it or not, research suggests that cellulite is linked to poor circulation to your butt. With that in mind, one of the biggest reasons to get a booty facial is to help tackle the underlying problem. Your expert practitioner will use a variety of techniques which stimulates blood flow and plumps the skin.

2. Avoid Buttne

Buttne– acne of the butt, is a common problem where small red bumps form on your booty. Butt facials can include cryotherapy, oxygen, ultraviolet lights and glycolic acid treatments to combat this issue. Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliator and perfect for removing dead skin cells on the butt that can cause unpleasant buttne. It’s the perfect butt acne treatment!

3. Get Healthy Skin!

Let’s be real: the butt is the new face and we need to keep butt skin ageless and smooth. Someone once told me it is not always about the look but it is also about the feel and self love is about touch and loving your body! Plus, when you hit the beach this summer, you will be filled with confidence. Your butt will look fresh and smooth.


  • Deep cleansing and exfoliation of hard to reach areas
  • Remove black heads and clarify skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps heal and clear breakouts
  • Helps to even out skin tone
  • Removes dead skin cells build up and ingrown hair
  • Very relaxing and invigorating treatment
  • Leaves skin smooth, hydrated and clean

Having acne can lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, whether it’s on your face or your butt! However, butt acne is very different from face acne. For starters, the medical term for butt acne is folliculitis.

Folliculitis affects the hair follicles – and not the skin pores, which is the case with face acne. This is why the home remedies and DIY treatments never work on butt acne. Trying to clear up acne on your buttocks by applying apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil on it is pretty much like fixing a broken pipe with tape – it doesn’t work.

But just like facial acne, butt acne can also behind nasty scars that can take a long time to fade. If you have ever suffered from acne on your buttocks and are struggling with the scars, read on.

There are a few simple steps you can take to fade the acne scars on your bottom:

Wash Regularly 

Wash the affected area regularly with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. This will keep the hair follicles clean and healthy by removing all the sweat, dirt, and oil buildup. It will also reduce the risk of developing folliculitis again in the future.

If you’re more prone to the butt acne, wash the area every morning and evening before you go to bed. This is especially important if you work out. Get out of your sweaty workout clothes and wash the area immediately; sweat from exercise can lead the harmful bacteria to grow.

Don’t Exfoliate Too Hard

If you think you are doing a favor to your butt by scrubbing it raw with a loofah or brush every time you shower, think again. Yes, there is such a thing as too much exfoliating! Instead, use a nylon bath scrubber or a quality washcloth to exfoliate your body during the shower.

Scar-ridden skin that’s suffered acne needs special care. A washcloth is not as harsh as a loofah and it will get the job done perfectly well.

Don’t Wear Tight, Synthetic Clothing

Those cute gym shorts that soak all your perspiration while you get your sweat on are pretty comfortable, right? Unfortunately, they may also be contributing to your butt acne. Tight clothing – especially artificial fabrics like polyester – create more friction and heat, resulting in skin inflammation and clogged hair follicles.

When you are recovering from acne and want to get rid of acne scars on your buttocks, wear loose, breathable fabrics like linen and cotton.

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