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carbon peel is a revolutionary laser treatment that is completely painless with minimal-to-zero downtime. It is highly beneficial for people with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, and acne on the face or body. It is also an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh your skin, providing an instant refreshed appearance and leaving skin feeling softer, smoother and firmer.

The Carbon Laser Peel, begins with a layer of liquid carbon applied to the skin, where it penetrates deep into the pores. Laser light is highly attracted to the carbon particles. When the laser is passed over the area, it destroys the carbon, taking dead skin cells, contaminants and oil with it leaving an amazing glow with a vibrant, youthful complexion. This treatment provides several benefits.

With no pain involved—though you might feel a slight warming of the skin and a light prickling feeling—and no downtime, the Carbon Laser Peel is perfect in a series for ongoing results, or as a one-time treatment before a big event. Hollywood celebrities do this just before the red carpet!

No downtime, no discomfort. It’s a great treatment for large pores, stimulating collagen and especially acne including active breakouts. Suitable for most skin types, the Carbon Laser Peel takes just 45 minutes. Slight redness may be present immediately post treatment but will dissipate quickly.

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Carbon has the ability to absorb oil and contaminants from deep within the pores. When the laser is passed over the treatment area it targets and destroys the carbon particles, taking any absorbed material with it.


As the carbon is targeted by the laser, it blasts away dead skin cells, blackheads and effectively exfoliates the skin. The result is softer, radiant skin with reduced pore size and a more even skin tone.

Acne and Oil Destroying

The heat produced by carbon peels has 2 additional benefits. It reduces the P.Acnes bacteria responsible for acne, allowing for better management of pimples and outbreaks. It also shrinks sebaceous glands (oil producing glands), resulting in less oil production, and therefore reducing congestion building up in the pores. Treatments can be performed on any part of the body, including the back and chest.


Carbon peels also target the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production, which in turn, produces firmer, plumper skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles,  leaving the skin glowing and tighter.

As with all skin treatments, carbon peels should be supplemented by a good skin-care routine, and daily use of a high-spectrum sunscreen. Noticeable results can be experienced after a single treatment, but for maximum long-term results we recommend regular treatments

The Carbon Laser Facial was once referred to as the China Doll facial.  It has been a very popular treatment throughout Asia for a long time. This is probably because it was a safe laser treatment that offered patients the hope of brighter, more radiant skin and deep layer rejuvenation with less risk of hyper/hypo pigmentation, especially for people with darker skin types. This treatment had other benefits such as removing surface dirt, oil and dead skin cells and reducing the P. Acnes bacteria responsible for acne. It was perhaps, these benefits that brought it to the attention of the estheticians of Hollywood A-List celebrities, where it was dubbed the Hollywood Peel aka the Hollywood Laser Peel.

No matter by what name you might know it, the principle is the same. CLF (carbon laser facial) is a non-ablative laser skin treatment that uses the conductive qualities of carbon to quickly and painlessly exfoliate, cleanse, clear and tighten pores, brighten and even-out skin tone and activate a deeply rejuvenating skin reaction that produces skin that is smooth, plump and radiant!

A carbon paste, cream or lotion is applied to clean skin in a very thin opaque layer and allowed to reach skin temperature approximately for 10 to 20 minutes. As the carbon dries, it is attaching to dirt, oil or dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. The carbon is now ready to meet the laser.

Light from the laser is attracted to the carbon. The carbon absorbs the light energy. The reaction causes a mini explosion. The explosion pushes the energy, in the form of heat, deep into the layers of the skin where elastin and collagen are activated and cells begin producing anew. Meanwhile, on the surface of the skin, as the explosion occurs the carbon is vaporized along with any dirt, oil or dead skin cells. Sounds kind of scary, with all the explosions and vaporizing, but don’t worry. There’svery little discomfort or pain. The sensation has been described as a mild tingling or very slight pinch.

At the end of the treatment the skin will feel slightly warm. Skin is plump and “baby-bottom” smooth. There’s a more even tone. Fine lines are diminished. Pores are tighter. Results will last for several days.

Deep in the skin

The heat energy introduced through the explosion is the reason why skin looks and feels plump and tighter, and that fine lines are noticeably diminished. As the heat is pulsed deep into the skin, the skin’s natural healing mechanisms are activated in the deeper layers of the skin. Cellular turnover is stimulated. Fibroblasts are ignited to begin regenerating collage and elastin. Over a few weeks to months, the regenerative results will continue. For longer term change in the tone, firmness and radiance of the skin, multiple treatments are recommended.


If “some is good, more is better” resonates with you, it is true for carbon laser facial treatments. CLF is great for a one-time feel good, pick-me up, or before an evening out, or even something to do monthly for improving and sustaining the quality of your skin. Each treatment builds upon the previous one. Once the regeneration of cell turnover is started, the best way to keep making improvement to the skin is to commit to a series. Three to five treatments over a period of 2 to 3 months with a booster treatment every six months is recommended for the best results.

There is little to no time needed for recovery after the treatment. In some rare instances itching, flaking and rashes might develop; most usually resolves in a few days. Moderate aftercare includes using sun protection (SPF 50 or greater), avoiding hot water, swimming and hot tubs. Makeup can be applied in just a matter of a few hours after the treatment.

Incidentally, CLF is becoming a go-to skin treatment by many brides-to-be  looking at affordable and effective ways to get their most beautiful skin in time for their special day. For a very special event, like a wedding, it is recommended that treatments be completed a week pre-event to allow for the regenerative benefits of the skin to emerge. Three treatments will offer you the best results.


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