Dermaroller Microneedling

Steps for home use:

1) Cleanse skin

2) Apply appropriate serum recommended by your Laser Spa Group Therapist for anti-ageing, pigmentation, scarring etc

3) Start Dermarolling – use gentle pressure and roll in the direction shown 4 times, vertically, horizontally, both diagonals. Be gentler on thinner areas such as the lips and around eyes. 4) Apply a moisturizer, making sure there are no fruit acids present as this will irritate.

Discontinue use if persistent redness or irritation occurs and consult your skin care professional.
Rinse the roller in hot water after use and spray the roller with the Dermaroller Cleaner and put back in case. Avoid contact with everything except your skin! Do not use any other product to clean your roller as this may destroy and blunt the needles causing injury.

Dermaroller Beauty Mouse® for larger areas like legs and thighs

Home Dermaroller for Face retails for $200
Dermaroller Beauty Mouse for Body retails for $

Are All Micro-Needling Rollers The Same?

By the naked eye of patients and medical professionals alike, micro-needling rollers may look deceptively simple and similar. However, once a learned and critical eye looks upon each individual micro-needling roller in the marketplace, a much different appraisal occurs.

Properly designed micro-needling rollers require expert medical engineering. From the type of plastic, to the alloy used in the production of the micro-needles, to the number of micro-needles imbedded into the roller, to how easy the roller rolls on the skin, etc.; these details are critical.

In order to easily puncture and penetrate the skin, and to communicate with skin stem cells, the proper needle design, pattern and number of needles for specific applications have to be taken into consideration. The list of details is lengthy.

What’s important to remember is Collagen Induction Therapy can only be achieved through medical micro-needling. Treating micro-needling as less than a medical surgical procedure puts you at risk because improper use can cause skin tissue and nerve damage.

To ensure your safety, desired results and a comfortable experience during treatment, you must use a micro-needling device that’s engineered, manufactured and packaged with the same quality standards as a medical/surgical instrument. Post-production of the medical instrument, they are required to the packaged, sterilized, placed in a container and sealed. When you look at the container you should clearly and easily be able to read and determine the following:

  • Model/type of instrument or device in the package
  • Lot-Number
  • Date of production
  • Date of expiration
  • Method used to guarantee sterility
  • Name of the manufacturer

If you aren’t able to determine any of the above listed factors by looking at the container, you should be suspicious. Within each individually sterilely packaged medical instrument or device in a container you also should find instructions for use. Dermaroller ® meets and exceeds all of the above listed requirements.
The charts below help you compare popular rollers at-a-glance:

Quality and Safety Comparison

Dermaroller ® Brand B Brand C Other Online Rollers
Guaranteed sterility Yes No No No
Clinically proven results Yes No No No
Needle type Surgical Acupuncture Acupuncture Acupuncture
Needle strength (Newton) >2,200N <900N 900N <800N
Needle strength quality Surgical Medium Medium Low
Guaranteed needle alignment Yes No No No
Designed by medical engineers Yes No No No
Patented designs Yes No No No
Ongoing Research & Development Yes No No No
Guaranteed quality and safety Yes No No No

Customer Support Comparison

Dermaroller ® Brand B Brand C Other Online Resellers
U.S. medical director on staff Yes No No No
U.S. customer service & support staff Yes Yes No No
U.S. office for your protection Yes Yes No No
Onsite and/or local training Yes No No No
Patient marketing materials Yes No No No
Website that generates leads to your clinic Yes No No No

Certification Comparison

Dermaroller ® Brand B Brand C Other Online Resellers
Certified as a medical micro-
needling device
Yes No No No
FDA Registered Yes Yes Yes No
EU Certified Yes No No No
GMP Certified Yes No No No
TGA Certified Yes No No No
Clinically proven results Yes No No No
Patented designs Yes No No No

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Frequently Asked Questions


Your Dermaroller consists of assembled plastic discs incorporating 192 fine stainless steel .15mm micro points in eight rows.

Supports the regeneration of epidermal cells and increases product penetration. For collagen stimulation and scar revision the In Clinic Medical Dermaroller® is required.

2-3 times a week. Your Dermaroller can be used up to 100 times. It should last approximately one year.

NO, only to be used on one person only!