Hydrafacial MD

HydraFacial MD

The Celebrity Secret to Smooth and Clear Skin!

At LSG we use the award winning and highly sought-after HydraFacial MD®. This is the same treatment that is all the rage in Hollywood and used by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Kate Winslet, and many more.

This procedure has gained the attention of many celebrities because it offers instant, noticeable results–going from treatment to red-carpet-ready on the very same day. Book your visit at our clinic today!

What is HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial MD® is non-invasive, medical-grade skin care treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles; congested, oily and acne prone skin; rosacea and hyperpigmentation. It minimizes the appearance of large pores, improves skin texture and tone, and helps repair existing sun damage.  It does all of this in one quick treatment that delivers real results without downtime or irritation. HydraFacial MD® is recommended for all skin types.

But why is the HydraFacial so popular?

HydraFacials have become the facial spa care routine of choice because they are non-invasive yet effective and can be used for almost any skin condition and on any type of skin. HydraFacial treatments are far less invasive than traditional facials such as chemical peels or laser resurfacing which leave your skin red and irritated for hours to days after treatment. Because of the noninvasiveness and effectiveness of the treatment, HydraFacials are a great choice for teens as well as adults.

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The unique Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system is what sets the HydraFacial MD® apart from other procedures. The multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to the devices’ superior delivery system, these performing ingredients are able to more effectively help mitigate environmental damage, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and plump & firm skin for long-term results you can see and feel instantly.

The HydraFacial MD® treatment includes a 5 step process:

  1. Vortex-Exfoliation– Activ-4™ serum removes dead skin cells to uncover healthy skin.
  2. Vortex-Peel – Glysal™ serum, a mixture of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids delivers the benefits of a peel without post-peel scaling.
  3. Vortex-Extraction – Patented, painless vortex-suction cleans out pores with the help of Beta-HD™ serum.
  4. Vortex-Fusion – Antiox+™ serum is delivered to nourish and protect skin with Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid.
  5. Extend and Protect – Maintain results at home with Daily Essentials™ featuring the same ingredients used in the treatment.

HydraFacials are a gentle yet effective alternative to harsher facial treatments. Here are some of the reasons people love this spa treatment:

  • Works on all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin or acne, dry or oily skin, the HydraFacial will work for you.
  • Consistent outcomes. Since much of the treatment is controlled by the HydraFacial technology, you can achieve a consistently high-quality treatment every time.
  • No downtime. Another reason people love the HydraFacial is that there is no downtime. You can even apply makeup that same day if you’d like to—though most people enjoy the glow from the treatment too much to cover it up.
  • Immediate results. Because the treatment is noninvasive, you can see positive results right away. We even recommend it before weddings or events for a luminous, healthy glow.

If you haven’t had a facial or hydra-care routine in the past, it can be beneficial to start with 2-4 HydraFacials a month for about 3 months. Once you’ve established a better baseline for facial skin health, you can benefit from a once-a-month appointment.

If you want to eliminate some of the pesky signs of aging accumulating on your skin, but you need something quick, simple, and affordable, the brand new Hydrafacial is your perfect choice. The Hydrafacial is a completely customizable facial treatment that goes above and beyond any facial you have received in the past. In fact, the when you receive your Hydrafacial treatment at LSG you can choose between the Signature, Deluxe, Restorative, and Platinum Hydrafacial with a wide selection of add-on options to best suit the needs of your skin.

The Signature Hydrafacial

This core form of the Hydrafacial utilizes a unique Vortex–Fusion® serum delivery system. Using this system, the skin is cleansed, evenly exfoliated, and extracted to remove impurities and dead skin cells. At the same time, vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid are delivered to the dermis to return the skin to a renewed, invigorated, and hydrated appearance. Every other Hydrafacial builds from this Signature treatment.

The Deluxe Hydrafacial

The Deluxe treatment offers the many benefits of the Signature Hydrafacial and also includes a “Booster” that directly addresses your most pressing skin care concern. Boosters include DermaBuilder to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or Britenol to minimize the appearance of dark spots. The Deluxe Hydrafacial concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin.

The Restorative Hydrafacial

The Restorative Hydrafacial focuses on improving the overall appearance of skin tone, texture, and elasticity by adding CTGF to the original Signature treatment. CTGF harnesses naturally-derived growth factors to improve the skin’s health and vitality.

The Platinum Hydrafacial

Lastly, this ultimate Hydrafacial begins with a lymphatic detoxification process, continues onto the elements of the Signature treatment, includes a Booster of your choice, and finishes with powerful LED Light Therapy. You will walk out of your Platinum Hydrafacial looking and feeling like a different person!

PERK is a brand new attachment system that works with our HydraFacial machines to tighten, moisturize, and hydrate the delicate area around your eyes. The PERK™ Eye Replenishing Serum has green tea extract, arnica flower extract, oat kernel extract, citric acid, and earth mineral peptides to hydrate an brighten your eyes. In less than ten minutes, our estheticians will apply the PERK™ Eye Replenishing Serum to your eyes, leaving you with a fully-refreshed look and no downtime! Plus, you’ll get to take home the rest of your Eye Replenishing Serum and soothing eye masks to use for the next 30 days or so, until you’re ready for your next PERK™ Eye

Treatment! Price $75 (includes your take-home products)

We love PERK™ because it uses the technology of the HydraFacial to target and deep cleanse skin, while using gently-formulated serums, unique for your eyes and for your lips. We love that you get to take home the rest of your Serum, so you know exactly what to use to keep the amazing, refreshed results going all month long!

Thinning, wrinkled lips can be one of the most clear signs of aging. But, fillers or other lip procedures only last 4-6 months at the most, and each session can cost between $500-$2000, and if your lips become overfilled, it can be very difficult to fix. A more natural, inexpensive, longer-term solution is to use products containing Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is the active ingredient that provides plumpness and hydration when injected into the body. It’s what surgeons use when patients undergo lip procedures. But… here’s the good news: With the advancement of skin technology, it’s now possible to use hyaluronic acid topically (on your skin) without the need to be injected.

PERK is a revolutionary system that works with our HydraFacial machines to plump and hydrate your lips in less than ten minutes! The PERK™ Lip Revitalizing Serum contains peppermint oil, aloe leaf extract, and peony extract to hydrate and moisturize lips, leaving them lightly plumped and relaxed. Plus, after your PERK Lip Treatment, you get to take the rest of the Lip Revitalizing Serum home with you! It should last you about 30 days, just enough time to care for your lips at home before your next facial and PERK™ Lip Treatment!

Price $75 (includes your take-home products)

  • LED Light Therapy
  • Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage
  • Peel Upgrade
  • Hands
  • Decollete
  • PERK Lip Treatment
  • PERK Eye Treatment

Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that repairs your skins health and is anti-aging. Lighting used in this treatment is Red LED light and Blue LED light. Common concerns this technology addresses are acne, infection, chronic pain, inflammation and aging skin. LED light therapy stimulates a response from the skins deep tissues. NASA has proven that LED therapy can promote human tissue growth.

The RED light improves inflammation, hyperpigmentation, skin firmness, fine lines and other signs of aging.
The BLUE light helps reduce excess oil, kills bacteria, impurities, and acne.

Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage gives an added enhancement to your treatment. Your Lymphatic system flushes out toxins out of the body however over time lymph builds up and gets trapped. This treatment helps move these toxins from your lymph nodes. This treatment boosts the immune system, increases blood circulation, detoxifies and reduces puffiness and congestion of skin and sinuses. This is a great treatment for allergy sufferers.

Upgrade from the standard 7.5% acid peel to either 15% or 30% for additional exfoliation.

A hand treatment to reveal softer, smoother, younger skin.


The great news is, you can get a PERK™ Lip Treatment and/or a PERK™ Eye Treatment as an add-on to ANY facial here at LSG! In your regularly-scheduled facial time, we can perform any PERK™ treatments you’d like, sending you home with your serum to use at home in between facials! Just give us a call, and we can add a PERK™ Lip Treatment and/or a PERK™ Eye Treatment onto your next facial!





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