Nasal Bump

Nose/non-surgical nose job/liquid rhinoplasty

Increase bridge height, narrow appearance from front-view, tip-lift and reshaping

Before and After


Frequently Asked Questions


This treatment is for select candidates looking to lift or refine their tips, build a higher bridge or disguise a dorsal hump. It always requires a consultation before proceeding and may be done over two treatments to account for swelling and ensure perfect results.

Technically yes, however, adjusting proportions and the way light hits your nose may actually trick our eye like an optical illusion making it appear smaller.

Noses are considered a higher risk area of injection so we use a combination of needle and cannula technique to minimize risk. For safety reasons we are selective of who we perform this treatment on. If you have experienced severe trauma, have had rhinoplasty or septoplasty you may not be a good candidate for this treatment.

Filler in the bridge area can last about 2 years or longer. Nose tips may last anywhere from 1-2 years

Most clients are able to proceed with their day without any downtime. Bruising and swelling are the most common side effects and may last 1-2 weeks after injection. Final results are noticed after 2-4 weeks depending on your healing process.

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