What is a Soft Lift Treatment?

SOFT LIFT® is a customized treatment that combines the benefits of a wrinkle-smoothing solution like BOTOX Cosmetic® with a volumizing facial filler like Juvéderm®. This combination achieves optimal smoothing results. By treating the face as a whole, together they smooth away lines, restore lost volume and enhance facial contours to create a naturally refreshed and rejuvenated look. This treatment offers a more comprehensive and balanced solution.

The 3 D’s of Skin Aging:

When we evaluate a patients face, we often analyze what is called the 3 D’s of Skin Aging:

  • Skin Deterioration: Superficial fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture changes
  • Facial Deflation: Loss of volume or fullness of the facial area
  • Facial Descent: Loss of volume and describes the falling (or sagging) of skin areas

A SOFT LIFT® treats the 3 D’s of aging and often takes on a very comprehensive approach in improving the look of your skin.

With the SOFT LIFT® Treatment, you will be treating the 3 D’s of aging with a complete and holistic approach where you can achieve a dramatic yet natural looking facial rejuvenation.

Every Soft Lift™ treatment is customized for each patient. The treatment combines the use of facial filler with a wrinkle smoothing injection to instantly refresh and rejuvenate your face. No two procedures are exactly the same, and rely on the admirable skill of our expert medical injector.




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Frequently Asked Questions


The procedure does involve injections. Any discomfort is generally brief and minimal. We take the utmost care in ensuring your comfort for the duration of treatment. The filler is formulated with lidocaine, a pain-reducing medication, to make the injection a more comfortable experience.

Downtime is minimal. Most patients return to their normal routines immediately following treatment. Redness, swelling and bruising to a certain degree may result, however these side effects may be covered up with light makeup and will gradually fade within a few hours to a few days.

This depends on the patient and their lifestyle. Generally, results can last up to a year.

As very small needles are used, there is only minimal discomfort and no down time. An assessment of the results is made after 10 days to determine if more treatment is necessary. We highly recommend these supplements BEFORE and AFTER injections to help with bruising and swelling

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