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Vita Liberata is Hollywood’s best kept skin secret. Offering odour-free, natural looking tanning and lasting skin enhancing results that keep people thinking ‘has she or hasn’t she?’ It’s no wonder Vita Liberata has a host of celebrity and A-List makeup artist fans! Vita Liberata is the world’s first completely non-toxic tanning brand, with spray tan solutions free from parabens, perfume, alcohol, sulphates and all other chemicals of concern. Organic and natural skincare extracts are key to our formulas, offering more than just a tan treatment for our clients.

The Vita Liberata team are passionate experts in skincare and tanning. From their Irish base they created the world’s first odourless tan in 2007 and the unique Odour Remove™ technology is now present in all of our at-home self and salon spray tans. In 2011, they became the first completely non-toxic tanning brand, developing a collection of tan solutions free from parabens, perfume, alcohol and all chemicals of concern. As the first tan brand in the world to do this, they became the self tanner of choice for the world’s top spas including George V Paris, St Regis, Viceroy, Ritz-Carlton and Burj Al Arab.

The ingredients are the purest in the tanning world. Natural, certified organic extracts are key to their formulas. Offering a conditioning skincare treatment that also tans the skin is their goal, giving you a flawless skin finish that combines natural looking colour, velvet soft skin and long lasting hydration.

Vita Liberata have continued to introduce world beating tanning technologies to revolutionize the industry, making self tanning a viable alternative to sun exposure for all. These include Moisture Locking for 72hr skin hydration, Odour Remove™ for zero smell, pHenO2™ for the longest lasting tan, HyH20™ anti age hydration and Trystal3™ technology which allows tanning to work in a dry crystallized form.

A hero innovation, pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan, is the world’s longest lasting tan, giving you a tan that lasts up to 4 times longer than regular tans. Available in an extra fast drying mousse formula and an ultra hydrating lotion formula, pHenomenal has taken the beauty world by storm and has scores of celebrity fans across the globe including Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Vergara, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding.

Trystal™ Minerals is another world first – a self tanning mineral bronzing powder. This beauty product blurs the line between cosmetics and tanning, allowing you to achieve a subtle lasting tan effect even after you wash off your natural-looking bronzer. Vita Liberata’s multi-award winning collection is now sold in more than 26 countries worldwide. In the UK, their products are available in Boots, Space NK and salons and spas nationwide. Globally, they can be found in upscale salons and spas. They are now recognized as the world’s leading non-toxic, organic tanning company. Vita Liberata offers the widest range of at-home and professional tanning solutions to suit every skin type and tone, guaranteeing the ultimate tanning experience every time, that fades perfectly back to nothing, without you even noticing.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The active ingredient of spray tan is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is derived from vegetables, such as sugar beet and sugar cane. DHA is a cosmetic ingredient that gives skin a tan without UV radiation from the sun. It colours the upper epidermis, the cornified layer, and it is based on a safe chemical reaction. When the substances react with the amino acids and proteins of the skin, the end result is skin that appears beautifully tanned. The spray tan is applied with a specially designed device individually for each customer.


The tanner is coloured, which means that the pigment shows immediately on the surface of the skin as a beautiful tan. The actual colour of the tan starts to develop on the skin in 1–2 hours, and it is “finished” after roughly 8 hours.

We offer all of Vita Liberata’s three shades: Ecuador (medium), Brazil (dark) and Aruba (extra dark).

We can adjust the darkness of the tan not just by choosing the shade, but also the number of layers of the tanner. We apply one layer for a lighter end result, and up to three layers for a darker one. So, if you want an extra dark tan, that can definitely be done. If you want something a bit less dramatic, that is just easily accomplished. Simply tell us what you want as accurately as possible. We can do it.

The tan lasts for approximately 5–7 days on the skin. If you exercise a lot (sweating, showers), you may lose the tan as soon as after 3–4 days. In that case, we recommend that you purchase a home care product to maintain your tan at home longer.

Avoid showering, swimming and sweating for approximately 10 hours after the tan.

A spray tan is suitable for everybody, including those with sensitive skin. The base ingredient of Vita Liberata products is aloe vera leaf water. This means that if you are allergic or sensitive to aloe vera, we advise against getting a spray tan.


Natural ingredients mean natural results. We use the finest organic extracts in gentle formulas that nourish and care for your skin whilst you tan. Moisturized, hydrated skin means flawless results that fade naturally.


Honest formulas for all. We never have and never will test on animals; all of our products are friendly.




Advoganic Technology combines cutting edge proprietary skin chemistry with highly potent organic botanicals, to fully release their potential, enabling skincare benefits that are vastly superior to those found in formulas using traditional cosmetic chemicals.


Advoganic stands for Advanced Organic. It is the name for the collection of technologies that we developed along the way in our quest to make the best tan in the world. These technologies all came about while enabling organic botanicals to perform as well as, if not better than traditional cosmetic chemicals.


In need of a tan but want to avoid looking fake? Follow these fail-safe tips and tricks from our tanning experts to ensure you get a streak-free, natural looking tan, every time.

There’s a reason why self tan is often called a holiday in a bottle. After all, a good self tanner can have the effect of a week spent relaxing in the sun. In just a matter of hours your skin will be bronzed and glowing, leaving you looking instantly healthy and rested. What’s even better, is that by opting for a self tan over baking in the sun you’ll protect your skin from potential sun damage, helping to maintain plumper, more youthful looking skin. Win, win!

Why then do so many of us still worry about looking unnatural, streaky or blotchy when applying self tanner? Thankfully, gone are the days of self tan formulas that turn you orange. VL tanning collection has been designed using Advoganic Technology to give you the most natural looking results. The organic formulas come in a variety of formats to make it as easy as possible to apply and to achieve the most flawless tan. There are, however, some steps you can follow to ensure you get the very best results from your tan. Follow these 10 fail safe tanning tips and get ready to glow, naturally!


The no.1 most important step in your tanning routine is preparation. Imagine your skin as an artist’s canvas, it’s important to prepare properly to give the most flawless results. Start by exfoliating your skin with an oil free body scrub, paying particular attention to dry areas such as elbows and knees. Why oil free? Residue from oily products create a barrier on the surface of the skin preventing the most flawless results. Once you’re exfoliated, remove any unwanted hair and keep skin clean and free from any moisturiser, lotion or perfume before you tan.


The VL collection to include a variety of formulas and shades to help you choose the perfect option for your skin type. If you have drier skin, one of our hydrating tanning lotions will ensure your skin is extra moisturized and help create an even finish. If you’re after a super fast drying tan, you’ll love our range of self tanning mousses that dry in an instant and are super easy to apply. Want to avoid any transfer to clothing? Invisi Foaming Tan Water is a clear, colourless mousse which is perfect for keeping sheets clean. As there’s no guide colour to see where you’re applying we recommended moving on to this once you’ve had some practice applying one of our tinted mousses first.


One of the best tanning tips we can give you for achieving a natural looking tan is not to apply too much product. This can make for an uneven application leaving you with an unnatural looking result. A little goes a long way, and remember, if you want to go deeper you can always add more. Aim for 1-2 pumps of mousse for each arm, lower and upper leg, torso and chest.


If you’ve ever wondered whether the tanning mitt is really necessary, then let us help you – it’s essential! The soft flock surface of the mitt allows you to evenly distribute and blend the self tan onto your skin. It also helps to protect the palms of your hand from the tan, making sure you don’t end up with unnaturally tanned hands.


One of the biggest giveaways of a faux glow is over-tanned hands, wrists and palms. Notice that your skin is naturally lighter towards your wrist, and the palms of our hands don’t tan at all. When you’re tanning the inside of your arm gently blend towards your wrist, making sure not to leave a line at the base of your hand. Once you’ve finished tanning your arms use the product that’s left on the mitt to gently sweep over the top of your hand towards your fingers for a natural coverage. Finally, take a damp cloth or makeup wipe and sweep in between fingers and over the top of knuckles to remove any excess product.


After hands, feet are the next biggest giveaway of a sunless tan. Be careful applying too much to ankles and notice where the skin would be naturally tanned. Similar to hands, there’s no need to apply extra product to the mitt when tanning the top of your feet. Simply sweep the mitt gently over the surface and blend for a natural finish. Finally, take your damp cloth or wipe and touch up the sides of the feet and in between toes for a tan that looks like you just stepped off the beach.


If you’re using one of our lasting tans such as pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse or Lotion, Fabulous Mousse or Lotion then you’ll need to let the tan develop over 4-6 hours to ensure you get the best results. During this time, you should avoid contact with water and make sure you don’t sweat as both of these can affect the development of the tan and leave you with uneven results. Some people choose to apply their tan before bed and rinse off the next morning. Top tip, wear clothing that covers your arms and legs to avoid skin sweating during the night to ensure you wake up with an even tan.


For a foolproof faux glow, make sure that you give your complexion a healthy glow too. All of our tans can be used on the face and body, either on their own or mixed with your moisturiser for a more subtle glow. For a customized face tan, try our Self Tanning Anti Age Serum, simply add a couple of drops to your usual skin care before bed and wake up with a natural face glow. Looking for an instant result? Apply our instant skin perfecting and bronzing Beauty Blur as a primer under makeup, or use on its own for a glowy no-makeup look.


Once your tan is applied and developed, there’s a few finishing touches you can add to ensure your skin is looking flawless all over. If you have an event or party to go to, our Body Blur HD Skin Finish is the perfect addition to your tan. The instant bronzing lotion will blur imperfections and add a flawless, camera ready glow – it’s like an instagram filter in a bottle!


Not all tanning tips are about the application. How you maintain your tan is going to be key to having a glow that lasts and looks good. Thankfully, our products are made with deeply hydrating ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Raspberry and Melon so you can be sure your tan will fade evenly, just like a natural sun tan. To help keep your skin glowing from within remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating green leafy vegetables like Kale that are rich in L-Lysine. Want to further extend your tan? Apply our Fabulous Gradual Tan Lotion every day for extra hydration and a boost of self tan.

Now you have the tanning tips to help you create the most natural looking self tan.




Skin cancer is the world’s most common cancer. Every year, five million people receive treatment for skin cancer – more than breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer combined. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a proven carcinogen which naturally occurs in sun rays but is also recreated in the bulbs of indoor tanning beds. Protecting the skin against UV damage is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of developing skin cancer. We believe you should Bronze Safely all year round. To reaffirm VL commitment to skin health and sun safety, during the month of May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Vita Liberata is donating a portion of proceeds from our best-selling product, Body Blur, to The Skin Cancer Foundation*. Since its inception in 1979, The Skin Cancer Foundation works to save and improves lives by empowering people to take a proactive approach to daily sun protection and the early detection and treatment of skin cancer

“We are so proud to be working with The Skin Cancer Foundation once again to help them continue their important, life-saving work. Vita Liberata has always championed safe sun practices, creating products that give our customers ‘the glow’ without the risk of sun exposure. Our support of The Skin Cancer Foundation is the natural evolution of our brand principles and we look forward to working with our community to raise money and awareness to support the fight against skin cancer.”


Did you know?

Melanoma is now approximately five times more common than in the early 1950s, and according to a forecast by dermatologists, the incidence would have grown by approximately 50% by 2015. The only known reasons for the increase are the changes in the clothing worn by people and their sunbathing habits.

And what about this?

UV radiation causes a pigment called melanin to form in the pigment cells of the skin. In this way, the skin tries to protect itself from radiation damage, which means that tanning is always a sign of too much exposure to UV radiation – not health. Years of continued exposure to the radiation of the sun and solarium equipment damages the connective tissue of the skin, also known as solar or actinic elastosis. Its symptoms include thickening skin, furrows and lack of elasticity – skin ageing.



Always wear and regularly reapply broad spectrum SPF of at least factor 30. Whether you are home in your backyard, by the pool or travelling to your favorite destination, ensure you have a supply of SPF ready for when you need it, despite the current restrictions in international travel


Limit your sun exposure, especially when it is at its hottest during the middle of the day. Take advantage of shady spots and put on a sun hat, sunglasses and a T-shirt, still remembering to wear SPF even if you think you are in the clear. Your skin’s health is more important than any suntan.


If you want a tan, make sure you Bronze Safely. Consider sunless tanning products like Vita Liberata rather than sitting under harmful UV-rays in the sun for hours at a time or, worse still, using a tanning bed. You don’t need to sacrifice your skin’s health in pursuit of a golden glow.


• Exfoliate the skin with an exfoliant the night before. Do not use an oil-based exfoliant. Oils may prevent the tanner from being absorbed by the skin.
• Moisturize the skin well on the night before.
• Do not moisturize the skin for a minimum of 4 hours before the spray tan. Moisturizers may prevent the tanner from being absorbed by the skin.
• Exfoliate the skin in between each tanning session to ensure that the tan is always as even as possible.
• Do any hair removal on legs, the bikini zone and armpits on the day before the spray tan (at least 6 hours earlier). Waxing/sugaring should be done at least 12 hours in advance.
• Remove makeup and perfumes as well as deodorant before the treatment using an oil-free cleanser to achieve the best tanning result possible.
• Wear dark, loose clothing. The tanner can be removed from most clothes, but in some cases the cosmetic tanner may result in stains in clothing that are impossible to remove. Do not wear wool, nylon or silk clothing for at least 8 hours after a spray tan, because the tanner may react to these materials and stain them


• The colour will start to develop immediately, and it will be “finished” after approximately 8 hours.
• Avoid showering, swimming or sweating for approximately 10 hours.
• Avoid touching/massaging the skin unnecessarily during the tan development period.
• After a shower, pat the skin dry with a towel; do not wipe or scrub. This allows your tan to remain even and beautiful for longer.
• We recommend that you use a self-tanning cream/spray/foam on your skin after a spray tan, because it will help your tan last longer. Simply moisturising your skin with a normal moisturiser will also extend the life of your tan.
Please keep in mind that just like tanning under the sun, the end result of a spray tan is also affected by how easily your skin tans, the skin pH and the skin type. Therefore, you should not compare your tan to other people. Every person’s tan is always unique.


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