Unwanted Tattoo

Unwanted Tattoo

Do you have tattoo regret? Living with unwanted tattoos can be a bothersome issue. It’s also particularly concerning if the tattoo is in a place where you or others see it every day. After all, no one wants a constant reminder of an experience they regret.

Here at LSG, we can relate to these feelings because we have helped remove countless tattoos of various colors and sizes, freeing patients from these feelings of regret.

Whether you no longer love your tattoo or feel like it is holding you back professionally, there is now no reason to live with unwanted ink on your skin. Previously, tattoo removal technology was limited. Getting rid of unwanted ink required extensive, ultra-painful treatments. Plus, results would often be less than ideal, since certain colors were hard to remove. Thankfully this is no longer the case.

At LSG, we perform tattoo removal treatments using PicoWay. PicoWay uses a picosecond pulse duration to remove pigment inside the skin. All ink colors and all skin types can be successfully treated with the PicoWay tattoo removal laser.  For our patients, this means that virtually any unwanted tattoo can be treated.


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Frequently asked questions

PicoWay is an FDA-cleared picosecond laser that treats acne scars, wrinkles, benign pigmented lesions (dark spots) and tattoo removal. PicoWay first became known for its tattoo and pigment removal capabilities, but it is now growing in use for acne scars and wrinkles.

PicoWay uses different handpieces and laser wavelengths for treatment of these conditions. The PicoWay Zoom handpieces treat tattoo removal and dark spots. And the PicoWay Resolve handpieces treat acne scars and wrinkles.

PicoWay has the shortest pulse durations* of any available picosecond laser for aesthetic use. PicoWay offers effective treatments with low to no downtime following treatment. Learn more about how PicoWay can help you transform your skin.

You want your tattoo removed or faded in the shortest time possible, with the least amount of pain and downtime, then you have come to the right place. PicoWay is the most powerful and fastest laser in the world and the only system that has 3 wave-lengths to treat all tattoos including all colours.

All PicoWay treatments use a picosecond laser with high power and the shortest laser pulses available. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second! The ultra-short pulses with PicoWay are important because they lead to a “photoacoustic” effect that avoids heating the skin rather than a photothermal (or heat) approach that heats the skin and can lead to side effects, such as downtime and scarring.

Because PicoWay uses ultra-short laser pulses, the result is a laser that has low to no downtime after treatment. Users can resume normal activities and even apply makeup over acne scar or wrinkle treated skin within a day of treatment.

The PicoWay laser reaches under the skin for its impact, leaving the outer layer of the skin intact. The ultra-short pulses vaporize their targets before the skin has the chance to overheat. Targets can be pigment from a tattoo, melanin in the skin that causes dark spots, or areas in the dermis (a layer under the outer skin) where tiny spaces can be created to allow room for new collagen and elastin growth in the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.

PicoWay® uses a high power laser beam with ultra-short pulses* to transform your skin from the inside out! PicoWay effectively treats acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots and removes unwanted tattoos – all with low to no downtime.

Medical grade lasers remove tattoos by delivering specific wavelengths of laser light into the skin in very short bursts of picosecond or nanosecond pulses of energy, creating a shockwave that fragments the ink and allows the body’s immune system to attack and eliminate the dispersed ink particles. The body’s immune system removes the fragmented ink to fade the tattoo. The number of treatments are determined by the laser system used and the person’s immune system response. The clinicians at Laser Spa Group are responsible for explaining this process thoroughly during the free consultation. Each expertly trained and accredited clinician will assess your skin type and adjust the laser to provide the optimum setting to deliver the results you expect with minimum discomfort.

Acne Scars

Did you know that nearly 40% of those with acne have some degree of scarring? Many acne scars result from a loss of collagen in the skin. PicoWay Resolve is an ultra-short, picosecond laser that reaches below the surface of the skin to stimulate production of collagen and elastin, without breaking the outermost layer of the skin. In clinical studies, 94% of treated areas improved and patients were highly satisfied with results.


Millions of people each year seek treatment for their wrinkles. Wrinkles can be caused by a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin.

PicoWay Resolve is a non-invasive, needle free treatment option for wrinkles. Resolve uses ultra-short laser pulses to reach under the skin, without breaking the outer layer of the skin. Picosecond lasers are proven to stimulate collagen and elastin.


Dark Spots

Skin discoloration is common, yet treatable. Dark spots, or benign pigmented lesions, such as freckles, liver spots (age spots), and café-au-lait (brown patches), appear in many people on different areas of the skin. Some spots are related to excessive sun exposure. Others, like melasma, can be caused by hormone changes, often impacting women following pregnancy. Many of these skin discolorations can be distressing and affect quality of life.


Tattoo Removal & Microblading Removal

PicoWay is a high power lower with ultra short pulses that shatters tattoo ink, but leaves the outer layer of the skin intact. PicoWay treats a wide range of tattoo colors across a broad range of skin types. Over a series of brief treatments, PicoWay can eliminate most tattoos. That’s why PicoWay is the tattoo removal laser of choice by the nation’s leading tattoo removal provider network, Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers.


Traumatic Tattoos

PicoWay Zoom

The Zoom handpieces of PicoWay target pigment in the skin. Pigment can naturally formed, caused by too much melanin in the skin. This appears as dark spots on the skin that can either be seen at birth or form over time from sun damage (sometimes called sun spots), aging, or even be a result of medical conditions (such as melasma). Pigment can also be added to the skin, in the form of ink in a tattoo. In either case, the PicoWay laser targets the pigment and shatters it into tiny particles that are no longer seen through the skin.

PicoWay Resolve

The laser beam in PicoWay Resolve is formed from the same beam-type used in the PicoWay Zoom handpieces, but it is split into over 100 identical beams, or beamlets. These beamlets reach below the skin’s surface in areas that are spaced evenly apart. Because the laser is so fast and powerful, it leads to tiny areas under the skin vaporizing using a non-thermal (not heating) effect, called a “photoacoustic” effect. Tiny open spaces are created under the skin that are then filled in over time with the growth of new collagen and elastin. PicoWay literally works from the inside out. The treatment does not cause the outer layers of the skin to break, so patients enjoy low to no downtime after treatment.

  1. Fastest 300 picosecond pulse– 532nm @ 375 picosecond, 785nm @ 300 picosecond, 1064nm @ 450 picosecond
  2. High peak power– energy shatters pigment ink into minuscule fragments achieving average tattoo removal in 5-8 treatments
  3. Only True Tri-wavelength Laser Systemin the world– all 3 wavelengths 1064 nm, 785nm & 532 nm perform in the picosecond range to treat all tattoo colours and skin types
  4. Photoacoustic Energy– Next to no heat means only 6 week treatment interval
  5. 8-12 months tattoo clearance-Less treatments and less recovery time
  6. Treat fresh tattoos
  7. Less pain than Nanosecond Laser

Nanosecond Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser system produces a lot of heat in the tissue during treatment. The recovery time for Q-Switched laser system is between treatments is 8 to 10 weeks vs 2 to 4 weeks for PicoWay Picosecond Laser System. This means you can do not have to wait for as long between treatments.



Nanosecond Q-Switched laser system do not shatter the pigment particles as small as PicoWay Picosecond Laser System. On average to clear a tattoo you need between 10 to 15+ treatments for Nanosecond Q-Switched Laser System vs 6 to 8 treatments for PicoWay Picosecond Laser System.


Picosure was the first Picosecond tattoo removal machine on the market. But the PicoWay was released with superior technology that delivered actual picosecond speeds and has improved on this technology in three key areas:

The PicoWay and the PicoSure lasers both use picosecond technology to remove tattoos.  A picosecond is one trillionth of a second, so these lasers are named for how they deliver constant bursts of energy that only last for a picosecond. However, although similar in name, the PicoWay laser has several key advantages over the PicoSure laser.


PicoWay is the only laser that has three wavelengths in one laser system. These three wavelengths­­­ ­­− 532nm, 1064nm and the new 785nm – are able to treat the widest range of tattoo colours and types. The 532nm wavelength can remove red, yellow, and orange pigments, while the 1064nm can remove black, brown, green, blue, and purple. The 785nm wavelength further enhances the already strong capabilities of the PicoWay system for treatment of blue and green tattoos.  Because these wavelengths are in the same laser, multiple colours can be treated simultaneously. This is not possible with the PicoSure’s single 755nm wavelength. Dual wavelengths also allow maximum absorption into the targeted pigment and minimum absorption into the surrounding skin. This results in a safer tattoo removal with minimal adverse effects to the skin. Furthermore, multiple wavelengths are more effective at removing pigment from any skin type, whereas PicoSure’s single wavelength has difficulty targeting pigment on darker skin tones.

Pulse Duration

Another advantage the PicoWay laser has over the PicoSure is its shorter pulse duration. Shorter pulses allow the laser to shatter the pigment of the tattoo into smaller molecules that the body can easily break down and eliminate. PicoWay’s ultrashort pulses also mean that it produces a photoacoustic effect rather than the PicoSure’s predominantly thermal effect. Photoacoustic energy is a light energy that penetrates the skin and gently vibrates and fractures the targeted ink. This means better clearance, fewer required treatments, and a lower risk of skin damage caused by thermal heat.


The PicoWay laser also outshines the PicoSure laser with its superior peak power. While the PicoSure only peaks at 0.36GW, the PicoWay has a peak power of 0.9GW. This is important because more power ultimately means more effective removal of a tattoo. The more powerful the laser, the better it is at blasting the pigment into particles that the body can absorb.  Not only does PicoWay’s powerful pigment removal mean fewer treatments, it also means that the treatments can be administered closer together, thereby minimalizing the overall time and total cost required to achieve results.

With all of its advantages, it’s easy to see why the PicoWay laser has replaced the PicoSure as the most effective tattoo removal system on the market. As Hamilton’s only carrier of the PicoWay technology, Laser Spa Group can help ensure your tattoo fades away along with any unwanted memories.

We strongly advise you to research and visit a few clinics before making your final decision on the clinic you choose to perform your treatment. Price should only form a small part of why you choose the clinic. Professionalism, honesty and expert advice is as important, if not more important. If you choose the cheapest price, it can often become an expensive mistake in the long term. Look for a clinic with a strong reputation, happy customers and a commitment to service

  1. LSG clinicians are Syneron-Candela and Laser Safety Officer Certified
  2. LSG clinicians are all qualified Medical Aestheticians
  3. Extensive expert training on models before performing treatment on clients
  4. LSG clinicians understand skin response and device parameters to achieve the Maximum Effective Threshold, to ensure each treatment gets results
  5. Ongoing clinical training with industry expert medical practitioners
  6. Client care and education during consultation, treatment and post-treatment
  7. PicoWay is the leading tattoo removal technology
  8. Price match to ensure you get the best pricing
  9. 80% of clients achieve tattoo clearance between 6-8 treatments
  10. Finance options available
  11. Industry leading
  12. Less painful and faster removal than alternative lasers
  13. Able to treat fresh tattoos after skin heals
  14. Operating since 2003 with 1000’s of satisfied clients.

If you have a tattoo that no longer harmonizes to your current lifestyle we now have an efficient exit door to eliminate it.

PICOWAY® is a NEW laser treatment from Syneron-Candela: a picosecond laser system for the elimination of tattoos. PicoWay’s unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissues. These bursts of energy create a photo-mechanical impact which shatters the tattoo ink into smaller particles that are more easily eliminated by your bodily phagocytic cells. It allows us to reduce the number of treatment sessions necessary by comparison to the traditional lasers used up to now.

The PicoWay system consists of an alexandrite laser head with a picosecond Nd:YAG Laser Deck. The 532nm and 1064nm wavelengths have been carefully selected and the laser pulse duration being well controlled, the treatment of tattoos can be performed with minimal energetic densities, reducing the possibility of adverse effects to normal surrounding tissues.

PicoWay is the only laser that has four picosecond wavelengths in one laser system. These three wavelengths­­­ ­­− 532nm, 1064nm, 785nm and 730nm – are able to treat the widest range of tattoo colours and types. The 532nm wavelength can remove red, yellow, and orange pigments, while the 1064nm can remove black, brown, green, blue, and purple. The 785nm wavelength further enhances the already strong capabilities of the PicoWay system for treatment of blue and green tattoos.  Because these wavelengths are in the same laser, multiple colours can be treated simultaneously. This is not possible with other tattoo removal devices with a single 755nm wavelength. Dual wavelengths also allow maximum absorption into the targeted pigment and minimum absorption into the surrounding skin. This results in a safer tattoo removal with minimal adverse effects to the skin. Furthermore, multiple wavelengths are more effective at removing pigment from any skin type, whereas other lasers single wavelength has difficulty targeting pigment on darker skin tones.

DEPTH: Ink is injected into the dermis, below the skin, where it’s harder to remove.

INK PARTICLE SIZE: The bigger the ink particle size, the harder it is to remove a tattoo. Traditional laser tattoo removal can be used to break up ink particles making them easier for the body to carry away, but sometimes the remaining ink particles are still too large, even after multiple laser treatments.

COLOR: While dark blues, blacks and red are easy to treat, other colors such as oranges, purples and yellows can be more difficult to remove.

SKIN TONE: With most lasers, darker skin tones are harder to treat because too much energy can be absorbed into the skin rather than the targeted ink particles. Not only does this weaken the results, it also increases the risk of injury.

The cost to remove a tattoo depends on the number of treatment sessions required. The number of sessions required depends on the age, size, location, depth, color and type of ink of your tattoo. The cost of treatment shall be discussed with us at the time of the initial consultation.

Removing an unwanted tattoo shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but you also shouldn’t have to compromise on quality of service and result. With 20 years experience, at Laser Spa Group, we have successfully removed many tattoos, and the good news is, our prices start at just $100.
What you’ll get at LSG:
• the most competitive prices, starting at just $100
• price match policy with other PicoWay Clinics
• 12 treatment guarantee which means that although we can usually remove a tattoo in 8 sessions, if you have a difficult case, you won’t pay for more than 12 sessions.
• the best laser technology – The PicoWay
• the most experienced clinic and expert clinicians
• payment plans available
When reputation counts, and for honest and trusted advice, choose Laser Spa Group.

Because the laser beam selected for your treatment according to your type of skin and the color of your tattoo is mostly absorbed by the tattoo ink and very little by the normal skin structures, consequently the surrounding skin is not affected by the treatment: epidermal and dermal cells are not destroyed and stay viable. The risk of permanent scarring is estimated to be less than 2% in published studies and is usually observed as a loss of some pigmentation or a change in the texture of the skin.

Immediately after laser exposure the treated area turns white and swells slightly. This whiteness usually fades within twenty minutes. Punctate bleeding can also appear. Over the next several days, blisters may form and then a scab or a thin crust can follow. (Often the scab is the same color as the tattoo, because the superficial tattoo ink has been eliminated into the scab). The skin usually returns to normal in about 7 to 10 days.

This will depend on the size of your tattoo as well as its age, location, depth, type of ink and color. One must take into consideration that the exact number of sessions of treatment necessary to remove any given tattoo is therefore impossible to predict. But with PicoWay not only fewer treatment sessions are generally necessary, as few as 5 to 6 sessions compared with up to 15 to 20 with conventional lasers, but also more effective in removing certain colors such as purples, greens, yellows and light blues. These sessions should be spaced 8 weeks apart to allow your natural immune system to remove the maximum amount of ink particles. You will continue to see fading of the tattoo in between treatment sessions as the ink is gradually eliminated by your body.

Yes in most cases. Greater than 95% of the tattoo may be eliminated.. However, it is very important to know that over 100 multi-colored tattoo inks are in use today. Not knowing what type of tattoo ink, how deep or how much ink has been put in, makes it impossible for one to predict the exact percentage of removal on any given tattoo.


Pigmented lesions that can be treated with PicoWay include, but are not limited to the following: Laser Skin Toning, Solar or Senile Lentigines, Freckles (Ephelides), Café au lait, Nevus of Ota, Beckers Nevus.

Q-Switch technology requires numerous treatment sessions, causes significant discomfort during treatment and, in many cases, incompletely removes tattoos and pigmented lesions. Picosecond technology, has ultra-short pulse durations, 100 times shorter than Q-switch lasers, and in the trillionths of a second. These bursts of energy create a photoacoustic impact which breaks up the tattoo ink or pigmentation into smaller, more easily absorbed particles. PicoWay’s unique, proprietary mode of action has the highest peak power and the shortest pulse duration of any picosecond device on the market for superior efficacy, safety and comfort. PicoWay is the answer physicians are looking for to combat the reluctance patients may have to treat tattoos or more complex pigmented lesions.

An amateur tattoo contains less ink than a professional tattoo and is habitually made of ordinary black or blue ink. So it will generally be easier to remove.

The laser pulse feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Each pulse treats an area approximately the size of a pencil eraser. You may elect to apply a topical anesthesia cream (EMLA or MAXILENE) prior to procedure. We use a Zimmer coolant during the procedure so discomfort is minimized.

Your skin’s natural pigment, melanin, also absorbs the laser energy, so in people with darker skin the area treated by the laser may become lighter then the surrounding skin for a period of a few months. Melanin eventually repopulates this area restoring the skin to its original color, but once the tattoo ink is gone, it will not return. In any patient, a temporary increase in pigmentation (browning) can occur, particularly, if the treated area is not protected from the sun. It is more likely to happen in individuals with darker skin that tan easily.

Free Tattoo Analysis – Get Personalized Information

The best way to have your ink assessed is by one of our qualified dermal clinicians. We offer a free tattoo analysis where we can give you personalized information for you and your tattoo.

From this, you will know how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your sessions. This gives you peace of mind that you know the total cost to remove your black ink.

Where to next?

If you have any questions about the tattoo removal process, cost or the industry leading PicoWay tattoo removal technology we use, please feel free to give our friendly team a call at 905-631-5956  or you can enquire online and we will get back to you ASAP.

Methods we use to treat

Laser tattoo removal is a simple procedure that uses a special laser (a high-intensity beam of light) to safely remove tattoos that a person no longer wants. The darker, contrasting colors used in a tattoo absorb the wavelengths of the laser, effectively breaking its colors into fragments, while protecting the surrounding skin, which doesn’t absorb the laser due to the contrast differences. Throughout treatments, your tattoo gets progressively light and lighter until it eventually disappears altogether. Mild discomfort should be expected, though far less discomfort than was experienced in getting the tattoo.

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